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Review: The Balm The Lou Manizer Sisters

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I’m sure it hasn’t been that long but it feels like it has been a while since I’ve reviewed a product, then again it always feels like a while just simply due to me not keeping track of time hardly. I am excited to be talking about this product today, today is all about highlighters from The Balm. Let’s jump right into talking about The Manizer Sisters.


Today is all about this little palette from The Balm, The Manizer Sisters. I picked mine up from Kohls but you can also get it directly from The Balms website. This will run you $28.00, which is a little steep but at the same time a little goes a long way and it features all three of The Balms lou manizer’s, which is a lot of the appeal to me, trying three things in one swoop.


Like every other review ever, I am going to start by talking about the packaging. I think this packaging is very cute and very much fits in with everything The Balm does, it’s very much their aesthetic. I like it fine, I think it’s very cute and kitschy. I also appreciate that it is fairly small and compact, not that I do a ton of traveling but when I do I appreciate it, plus it takes up less space in my collection.


Now let’s talk a little bit about the shades here, I think are basically highlighter, blush topper and bronzer shades for someone fair like me. I could also see these easily being used as eyeshadow shades.

Now let me talk a little more in-depth about the actual formula of these. These are very pigmented, but I think with a light hand they can be toned down or easily built up like in the swatches above. I don’t find that these have a lot of fall out, these feel almost buttery and I quite like it because it makes for a really stunning highlight on the face.

Overall, I really like this little palette and am super glad to have picked it up because it is a great way to try out multiple products from one brand. I really like the Mary Lou and Cindy Lou, I haven’t really tried out Betty Lou a lot because of it being so dark but I should really try and play with that one more.

What are some of your favorites from The Balm?


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4 thoughts on “Review: The Balm The Lou Manizer Sisters

  1. I’ve never tried anything from The Balm but I’m always interested because their packaging is so beautiful! This product looks so pigmented and I agree that they’d make great eyeshadows. Fab review! xx

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    1. They really do have such cute packaging and really well themed. These are super pigmented and everything I’ve ever tried has been really nice, they feel like such an underhyped brand.

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