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Husband Styles Me

Husband Styles me

I wanted to do something clothing related and fun, so today I have decided to let my husband loose in my closet and style me for a few different outfits. I always find these post interesting or funny, sometimes even both. I think this one leans more towards the interesting side of things though, but anyway, let’s dive into his picks.


My husband asked me to give him prompts, so I tried to do my best at that. This first outfit is what we are calling brunch with the girls. He chose a striped yellow dress from Old Navy, a mint green cardigan from Old Navy, a pair of white socks and bright green Keds. He also picked out a necklace that I am sure is from Etsy somewhere. No too terrible.


This next one he settled on was for his Disney look. He told me he chose this top because it’s very Disney without being licensed merchandise. The top is from a local shop, the skirt is from Thredup and he finished it off with a pair of denim Keds.


For a third look, the theme was just every day, which pretty much just means that it’s office wear even though our office is really casual. He picked another striped dress from Old Navy, pairing it with an oatmeal cardigan from Target and a pair of patterned Sketchers flats.


This one is the last look and this is the date night look, my favorite of the outfits that he picked but also the outfit with the worst photos. He kept it pretty simple with this maxi dress from Old Navy, these navy blue criss-cross sandals from Old Navy and this pair of hexagon-shaped gold hoops from Modcloth.

And those are all of the outfits he picked, he clearly likes dresses and stripes, or maybe I just like dresses and stripes so he included a bunch of those in his picks. Either way, I’m pretty impressed with his picks, though his Disney outfit choice I hated.

How do you think he did?


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