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Try It Tuesday: Pop Nail Polish


Yes, I am back and testing out some new Etsy finds, it’s just really fun and exposes me to new brands, items and all of that jazz, plus small businesses are fun. Last month I talked all about bath bombs and this month it’s all about nail polish. I will be talking about a nail polish from the shop POPNailPolish so let’s get into it.


I picked up a single polish from the brand and I will for sure be going back for more. The shade I picked up is Slick Like That and it was $12.00, which isn’t too terribly priced for an indie brand nail polish, it’s still in that average range if you ask me.

I want to start out by talking packaging like I do with every single product that I review. This packaging is interesting and I kind of like how flat it is, it feels like it takes up less space because of that. I can barely see the logo on this one but I don’t mind it, it fits the bottle and brand well I think.


I want to talk about the color a little bit, I know you can see it in the bottle in the two photos and you’ll see it on some nails in the next photo, but I still want to talk about it because it is one of the most interesting polishes I’ve seen in a while.

This is like a serious duochrome polish that I love so much. This shifts mostly between blue and purple, but in certain lights it also looks pink and yellow, it is very interesting and I am very much into it.

July20182 - Pop Nails

Now, what I am sure everyone has been waiting for, this polish on nails. I tried so many photos to try and get this looking as amazing as it does in person but it simply did not work, this is easily much more interesting and better in person.

The last thing that I want to go over is the lasting power and the formula of this. This is a rather thin nails polish, it took me three coats to get it here and honestly, I probably could have gone four a fourth to make it really super opaque. This did last pretty well for the four days that I wore it, I did have some minor chipping but that’s the case in pretty much all polishes I use on my hands, so I’d say that thus far the durability of this polish is pretty average and that is fine by me.

So, overall I really enjoy this nail polish, it’s really pretty and easily one of the most interesting nail polishes that I own. I am really eyeing a bunch of other nail polishes from them because they all look so pretty and as everyone knows, I have zero self-control.

Any Etsy suggestions of shops I need to try?


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