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Review: The Body Shop Contour Palette

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I am super excited to be reviewing this today, this is the first contour palette that I’ve actually really enjoyed and I am excited to review it today. I feel like I don’t hear enough about The Body Shop’s line of makeup but then again, I’m not really well versed in it myself either. Let’s just get into this review.

20171215_062043.jpgToday I will be reviewing The Body Shop’s Face Contouring Palette in 77815, which is the lighter of the two shades that they sell. This palette comes in two different shades, each come with four shades in it, a contour, a bronzer, a highlight and a blush, everything you need for a flawless contoured face. This palette is regularly $24.00 but is often on sale, from what I can tell.

I’ll start this review out the way that I start out pretty much all reviews and that is by talking about the packaging. The packaging on this is nothing exciting at all, it’s very simple and straightforward. I don’t mind it but it’s just not exciting about.

I will say this packaging doesn’t feel particularly great, it’s not falling apart or anything but it does feel pretty cheap. The packaging is just very basic and really nothing exciting, but it’s still fine.

20171215_062054.jpgWhen you open it up it reveals four different pans of product that were tucked away inside. The top left is the contour shade that really reminds of NYX Taupe in the pan which I might have to try out sometime.  The top right is your bronzer shade, something that is a lot warmer but still matte and a shade that I haven’t dipped into as much. The bottom left is your highlight, which feels like a pretty standard champagne kind of shade. And lastly is the bottom right which is your blush, of course, and that is a really peachy pink kind of shade with some soft shimmer to it.

The colors are really quite pretty if you ask me, I’m going to drop some swatches below so you can see them a little better. I think these shades are really fabulous for lighter the medium skin tones. For my fairly fair skin, the contour is probably one of the best I’ve seen though the bronzer might be a tiny bit too warm for me. I really like the blush and highlight shade though, they are very nice and glowy.

20171215_062117.jpgNow, I think the last thing I really want to talk about in this review is the formula, of course, what kind of review would it be if I didn’t talk about how it applied and performed.

These powders are actually pretty soft and they kick up some powder, nothing too much I don’t think but it does kick up a little bit. I notice it a little bit more in the matte products, so the bronzer and contour shade whereas the highlight and blush are a little less powdery.

These powders aren’t super pigmented either but I really like that, sometimes I am looking for a little bit more kick in powders but typically not in face powders. I think these tend to look more natural than a lot of other products that I have used and I really like these.

I find these really easy to use, these blend out really well but these can be built up to be a little bit more if you’re looking for more of a kick. I just really quite like this formula and think these are all really great.

So, overall I think it is clear by now that I actually really enjoy these powders and think this palette is fantastic. This is something that I never expected to love as much as I do but I rather like this.

Have you ever tried makeup from The Body Shop?


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