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Roadtrip: Dallas, Memphis & Knoxville

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It is finally time for my final road trip post, it has taken me two months to get out all of the posts and really be happy with the amount of road trips content that I have, so here we have it today, the end of the road and the trip home. So, lets’ dive in and talk about these three fun places.

The trip from El Paso to Dallas was our longest the whole way, it was about nine hours so it is safe to say we were a bit tired when we got there and didn’t really want to do much. We did stop about halfway through to get some barbeque because we were in a place known for a type of barbeque, so we had to stop and boy was the meat good, it was so tender and delightful. I could not tell you where we stopped though because we kind of just picked somewhere off of the highway nearby and it was a hole in the wall for sure.

 We actually stayed pretty much in the heart of Dallas but we did not want to do anything, so we ordered some food. I got Pho and boba, which was delightful and something I hadn’t had in a while. My husband got pizza, I’m not typically a pizza kind of gal but this was hands down the best pizza I’d ever had, I would have gotten this pizza myself it was that good. The next morning we got some build your own cinnamon rolls and then headed out to the next place, I’m not sure Dallas was the place for us.

And because all I talk about is food, I wanted to mention that before we left Texas we picked up Whataburger, which was not that exciting, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. We headed to Memphis, did a little wandering and once again ended up ordering food to our hotel. Once again we got barbeque because when in Memphis I think that’s what you’re supposed to do and it was pretty good.

Our last stop was Knoxville Tennesse and I think at this point we were just ready to be home, we were one day out from being home and I’m not really sure we did much of anything before we left. I know we stopped and picked up some pies the next morning and I had the best coconut cream pie I have ever eaten at Buttermilk Sky Pie, which I would highly recommend if you are in the area.

We made it home safely and had a couple of days off to really gather ourselves and get ready for going back to work, which was a rough week after having over two weeks off. The roadtrip was very fun but I’m not sure I would ever want to do it again, it was just a lot.


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