Make Storage 2018!

Makeup Storage

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and do something that I haven’t done in a while and that is share my makeup collection storage with you guys. I’m sure I’ve done this before and some point but today I have decided to do it because I finally have what is basically my dream desk and my dream storage, so let’s dive in and I will share with you guys all of my collection.


Yes, my dream storage is the Ikea Alex drawers. I just really like the idea of a lot of smaller drawers that are somewhat sturdier than those plastic containers like I had. I did opt for Navy because it’s pretty and is one of my favorite colors. But anyway, let’s jump into what’s inside.

IMG_0686We’re going to go from the bottom to the top, or largest to smallest, which means the first drawer we are going to have a peek into my eyeshadow palettes. Yes, I have far too many palettes I know, especially because I have some that have spilled over into the next drawer. I really love eyeshadow, I think that’s why I have so many palettes, that and I have no self-control.


The next drawer above that is my eye drawers, where all of my eyeliners, mascaras, single eyeshadows and such live. This is also where all of my extra palettes come to live, as you can see on the left side and in the very back are all of my sprays. I have my mascaras and eye primers at the front, all of my single eyeshadows and pigments in the middle, and the right is eyeliners and stick eyeshadows.


The middle drawer is my lip drawer, I know it might be a little strange to have lips in the middle but I wanted to be able to stand up my lip products. My lip products are separated by liquid lipstick first, lipstick second and lastly lipgloss. There’s also some random mix in there of things that are new to me and I just haven’t reorganized, maybe I’ll do that shortly.  I then have my lip scrubs lined up on the right, then I have all my lip treatments and balms, behind there container are random lip colors that are in tubes or just don’t fit right. I have a couple of larger face products in the back too, just because they didn’t fit in my face drawer.


The next drawer is all about the face, so a really great base. All the way in the back is all of my concealers and primers. The middle is my highlighters, bronzers, setting powder and cream products. The next one is all about blush, then I have a few things that just don’t fit anywhere else up front. On the right side are all of my foundations. This drawer is really where it all starts.


And this is my top drawer, this is newer and more recently organized. The back left is all of my project pan items, the right next to it are products that I am always reaching for on a day today. Up front is all of my brushes and sponges, I had a container I was storing them in but I got really tired of. Then on the far right are all of my extras like my headband, cotton swabs, micellar cleansing water and things like that.

And that is my makeup storage and collection if you guys are interested in a more in-depth look at any drawer, the collection as a whole or a product in particular that you might see, feel free to make requests.

How do you store your makeup?


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