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Etsy Finds #12

Etsy Finds #12

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started doing this series, it feels like I just started sharing my favorite finds on Esty just a couple of months ago, but that is incorrect as we are here talking about my twelfth post. For this post I’ve decided to do something a little bit special and something that I’ve been kicking around the idea of and that is a full Sailor Moon themed because I love Sailor Moon. I have also decided to start sharing 12 things a month instead of 8 because I am a glutton and always want to share more. So, let’s get into this super fun Sailor Moon themed Etsy Finds post.

My first pick is this really stunning layered paper cut art that is really impressive. I think this is too cute. This comes from the shop RiniPaperCuts and will run you $86.00. My others picks from this shop are this Moogle from Final Fantasty, this scene from The Little Mermaid that I’m drooling over and lastly this really adorable Cardcaptor Sakura keys piece. This shop has some really great paper pieces that I love.

My next pick might be considered a little bit childish but so would I. I think these Sailor Moon object stickers are too cute and it looks like they’ve really covered all things from the show. These are from the shop JLynnPaperCo and will run you $3.00. Some other really adorable picks from this shop include these Sailor Moon Inner Scout Stickers, these Sailor Moon Outer Scout Stickers and lastly these Sailor Moon Princess Stickers.  This shop sells tons of other really adorable stickers and a bunch of different fandoms it looks like, but because I couldn’t choose and this is Sailor Moon themed I decided to link the other Sailor Moon Stickers.

I think this candle is really simple but still cute and I love the theming of course, plus it smells like pistachios and ice cream, which sounds fabulous. This is from the shop BeaconCandlesUK and will run you $16.32. Some other great picks from this shop include this Animal Crossing New Leaf inspired candle, this Kingdom Hearts inspired candle and lastly this one inspired by My Neighbor Totoro.

There are tons of pins on Etsy and a bunch of Sailor Moon ones, but this one was calling my name and I had to share it because Sailor Moon looks like a witch flying through the sky and I love that. This is from the Etsy shop SentimentalDollieZ and it will run you $15.00, a little bit higher than some pins but too cute to complaining. My first additional pick is this way too cute Sakura pin from Cardcaptors that is in the same kind of pose, my second additional pick is this Kikis Delivery Service pin that is also in the same style, though this one makes more sense since she is a witch. The last thing is something that I really need in my life and that is this Sailor Venus transformation pin that I am obsessed with.

I know it’s probably a little bit too early for Christmas ornaments but at the same time, if you’re anything like me, then it’s never too early for Christmas. So, my next pick is this Sailor Venus ornament from the Etsy shop InsaneEmbellishments and will run you $24.99. It looks they sell all of the scouts in the form of ornaments so I am not going to link you to those, instead I’m going to pick some other great items to feature. My first pick is this way too cute Rapunzel ornament, the second pick for me is easily this Boo ornament from Mario and the last one I think is this Link from Zelda ornament. They sell a bunch of pretty cool and slightly nerdy ornaments, which I like.

My next pick is something that I think is a little bit different but isn’t out there at all and that pick are these Sailor Scout themed bath bombs from the Etsy shop TwilightBathouse and they will run you $5.96 per bath bomb. My other picks from this shop include these Outer Sailor Scout themed bath bombs, these Moon Kingdom themed bath bombs and lastly these Zelda themed bath bombs. Of course I had to share all of the sailor scout bath bombs, I’m just really into the fact that they sell bath bombs themed to all of the scouts, which is really nice.

At this point it is probably no secret that Sailor Venus is my favorite so my next pick is this cute heart eyes Sailor Venus pin. This is from the shop studiohaebi and will run you $6.00. A few other great picks from this shop include these Teen Titans Team Robin sticker pack, this set of pins featuring Jiji and Lily and the last pick is this set of really adorable Sailor Scout emoji sticker set. These are all to cute as everything in this shop is.

My next pick is probably not surprising in the slightest bit because I am sure by now it is clear that I love nail polish and I love glitter, so of course I had to share this Sailor Scout themed nail polish set. This set comes from the Etsy shop ShoujoSparkles and will run you $35.00. I would link you to other picks but this shop only sells this nail polish, in singles and in full sets so I guess I have nothing else to share with this one.

Yes, I have picked out another Sailor Venus themed item, this Fight Like A Girl tee is adorable. It comes from TheRaesPrints and will cost you $25.00. If you are looking for the other scouts it looks like they sell all of the other scouts in this style, they also sell tanks too.  My first pick is this I’m Just Here For The Boos tee, this I Wanna Eat Everything tee and the last pick from this shop is this Team Ninetails tee.

Another pin choice, this cute Sailor Moon bow pin is from the shop LilyXiaDesigns and will run you $10.20. My other picks from this shop include this Legend of Zelda pin set, this little Steven Universe Rose set and the last pick from the shop has to be this Cardcaptor Key pin. The pins in this shop are pretty cute but also pretty simple, which I think is a nice option sometimes.

I really love mugs but I don’t need anymore seeing as I am not a coffee or tea drinker. This Fighting Evil By Moonlight mug is too cute, it’s from thegeeksuite and will run you $13.50. My first pick from this shop is this other Sailor Moon mug, my second pick is this The Office themed mug that I am very much amused by and my last pick from this shop is this Game of Thrones and those are all of my picks. They make a bunch of really fun and cute mugs and I think this shop is fun.

Now for my last pick, which is this Sailor Moon Cat Wristlet from the Etsy shop sacari and it will run you $7.85. My first additional pick from this shop is this Dalek wristlet, my second pick is this Sailor Moon Scrunchie and the last pick from this shop has to be this Pokemon Wristlet. These are all super cute!

And those are all of my picks from Etsy this month, I had a lot of fun picking out and looking at all of the Sailor Moon things. I think it was really interesting to see all of the different types of things that you can find on Etsy in just one kind of theme.

Do you like Sailor Moon?


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