Roadtrip: Tuscon & El Paso

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I still have road trip posts going up, this is true but I am nearing the end of them and for sure will be done with all of the road trip posts by the end of this month. The way back was far less exciting because we were just done at this point and ready to be home, but I still want to finish this series so let’s talk about Tucson, Arizon and El Paso Texas.

I’m going to start by talking about Tucson, of course, since that was our first stop on the way back. We finally saw desert that actually looked like a desert on the way to Tucson, or at least how we expected the desert to look like. The cactus in this part of Arizona looked more like those cartoon cactus that you see everywhere and there were sand dunes, which is kind of what we were looking for.

We did pick up food like we typically do but honestly, the place we went to wasn’t very memorable, it was fine and it wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong it just wasn’t anything to write home about. We also tried to pick up brunch the next morning, but that did not go too well, the place I had planned out was super busy probably because it was Sunday and Mothers Day. So, Tucson was a little bit of a bust.

We hopped on over to El Paso after a stop at a Jack In The Box, which is fantastic and I want one in Virginia close to me, stat. Anyway, El Paso was a short trip away and possible a terrible choice just because there wasn’t a ton to do there, we did get some great tacos though that I was really into. El Paso wasn’t really much either, these two stops were slight failures and I’m not completely sure why.

And those are the two stops in this post, I think my next post is going to be three stops because I only have three stops left and I am not sure that any of them can really stand on their own in one post, so that one may be a little bit bigger than this one.

Have any fun summer trips planned?


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