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June 2018 Nail Wrap Up

June 2018 Nail Wrap Up

It is time for one of my favorite posts of the month, I’m not a hundred percent sure that everyone loves these posts but I really enjoy them so that’s a lot of the reason why I keep doing these. Anyway, let’s just dig into talking about all of the nails that I’ve been rocking this month.

June20182 - I Scream Polish in Grasshopper Pie and OPI CIA = Color Is Awesome

I have had striping tape for a while now but it’s like I just discovered it this month, so you might see stripes a little bit this month but I personally love it, so hopefully you guys don’t mind. The lighter shade here is from I Scream Nails in Grasshopper Pie and the darker is OPI CIA = Color Is Awesome, both are fantastic polishes on their own but together they also look beautiful and like they belong.

June2018- Orly Glowstick

This choice and purchase was completely inspired by a post that I saw on Reddit, the polish the girl was wearing was an indie shade that was no longer available, but a few people posted some dupes so I picked one up. This one is the by Orly and is in the shade Glowstick, it is much more vibrant in person.

June20183 - Zoya Dory

I had some fun with this one in terms of accent nails, as you can see because rainbow stripes, this turned out almost exactly how I wanted to but either way it’s still amazing. I used a bunch of polishes but the main shade is a Zoya polish in the shade Dory.


This next duo just works perfectly and makes for a fantastic combo, the base shade is fromNCLA in the shade Valley Girl and the glitter is China Glaze Let The Beat Drive. The glitter top coat really makes it look more peach and I love that, I think it’s really interesting and really transforms the base shade.


I am so glad that I picked up this shade, it is stunning and even prettier in person, I am kind of obsessed with this shade. This is from CBL and is the shade Pinch Of Pixie Dust, a Disney inspired shade that I just had to have. This has a slight pink shift to it and micro glitter, I’m a huge fan.

And those are all of the nail polishes that I have worn this month, a good mix of things and a good mix of trying things out I think. I still really want to continue getting into nail art and trying out new things, so hopefully, that is something that I can focus on a little bit better in the coming months, I am mostly unsure of what to try. Anyway, I am really happy with how this month and really loved all of the polishes that I wore.

Any nail polishes you’ve been loving recently?


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