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June 2018 Favorites + Face

June 2018 Favorites + Face

It’s time for another monthly favorites post, June has gone and July has come, which is still so strange to think about, before I know it summer will be over and I will have to start wearing pants again, ah my least favorite time. Anyway, last months favorites were a little bit boring and I think this month are even more, but I really didn’t wear makeup a whole bunch this month. Let’s jump right into the few picks that I really did love.


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – With it being summer I have found myself reaching for this a bunch this past month, really everytime that I put makeup on I am reaching for this. I’ve always known that I love this stuff but this past month has really reminded me of that.

Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrub in Cotton Candy – This is my new favorite lip scrub, it smells and tastes so good and just like what it’s expected to, I am a huge fan of this for sure.

Dose Of Colors Marvelous Mauves – I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase this and even more so I am not sure why I waited so long to try this one out, but I am glad that I finally got around to it because I love this little palette. I don’t think you can produce that many different looks using this palette but there is still some versatility, plus this one just produces such pretty eyeshadow looks and I love it.

Mac Strobe Cream – This is just the regular one as far as I am aware and having this little sample size has reminded me that I actually really like this product, I’m kind of sad that it’s a sample size that won’t last me very long but I have so much makeup already so I’ll have to hold off on thinking about that one.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in F1 – This is the first and only foundation stick that I’ve ever tried and I very much like this one, I like the finish that it leaves on my skin because it looks pretty natural. I also like how easy the application on this one is, so it’s safe to say I am a fan of this one.

SkinFix Natural Candy Cane Lip Repair Balm – This is in my project pan and I had touched it for so long, but recently I’ve had really chapped lips and pulled this out. I can’t believe I don’t use these all the time, these are amazing and this might be a new holy grail lip favorite it is that good. I am kind of sad this scent is limited and came in a set, I want it all year.

Now, time for the face that I have chosen for the month of June, I did this look late in June and used my single eyeshadow palette and am really happy with how this turned out. Sometimes single color looks are really pretty and interesting without needing to blend a bunch of different colors together. Sometimes I also just like being fun and lazy at the same time. Either way, I am really happy with how this look came out, it’s very fun, simple and summery.

I didn’t have a ton of favorites this month and nothing really fun I know, but everything from this month’s favorites are items that I very much enjoy. I’m hoping that July’s favorites will be more fun and fruitful because I am really trying to test some things out, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

What are some of your June favorites?


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