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Why June Was Awesome + Goals

Why June 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

I can’t believe that June is already over and it’s time to start writing monthly wrap up posts, but it is. It feels like just yesterday that I was writing this post for May. And I am also sure that this is when the months start flying by faster than I would like, however that is a problem for later as today is all about looking into the past a little bit and talking about the month of June.

I already said it but I will say it again, June went by in a blink and honestly, I didn’t really do a whole lot this month because of that. I have just been feeling pretty overwhelmed and have been lounging what feels like a lot, which doesn’t lead for a lot of exciting stories to share this month. I guess I’m just going to dive into goals for the month because I don’t really have anything more to say about June.

Let’s start by wrapping up my goals from last month.

Getting Five Books Ahead of Schedule: I am so ashamed of this one, I was so ahead of my reading challenge and I’ve just been so slow reading the book that I am currently reading that it has really slowed me down. I believe I am slightly ahead at the moment but I am nowhere near five books ahead. 

Getting Back Into Working Out: I have kind of done this, meaning I have started working out more this month but I haven’t gotten back into a good groove yet, so I have kind of completed this.

No Buy: I had one planned purchase that didn’t count but I did break my no buy twice, I picked up an item for a dupe post when I was at Rite Aid the other day and I made and Ulta order with points and 20% off I think both of these things barely count, so I think this has been my most successful no buy yet.

Decluttering: I have done pretty well at this, I’ve given my entire wardrobe and makeup collection a first time once over, I haven’t gone super duper in depth in either one, meaning I have tried on a bunch of stuff in my wardrobe and I’ve marked things that I need to see if I can work into my everyday wardrobe or if they need to go along. I’ve also gone through my makeup but that will take some actual effort I think. I haven’t really made it to any other part of our apartment though so there is still a lot to be done.

Scheduling My Wisdom Teeth Extraction: This was not one for last month but this is an honorary one because I have put this off for so long that I think it belongs here as an accomplishment.

So, I have done alright with my goals, I have kind of accomplished most of my goals for the month of June except for the reading one, I did not do great with that one. Now, onto the goals for July.

Get Three Books Ahead: Yes, this is coming back, mostly because I don’t like being behind or just right on track, I want to be ahead again properly.

Get a Work Out Schedule: I really want to get back into a workout schedule instead of just working out more, so it’s time to get into the swing of things.

Driving More: I’m already doing this but I really want to continue on with this and drive more often, we’ll see how it goes.

No Buy: Yes, I want to attempt another month of a makeup no buy. I did pretty good last month and I want to roll over into this month with it, I have plenty of makeup so I’m thinking this should be pretty easy.

Spending Tracking: This is something really new and I want to try out this month just to keep track of how much I spend, because as you can probably tell I’m trying to track my spending a little better and save a little more so I think that will for sure help with this.

How did June treat you?nicolesignout

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