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Roadtrip: California


Today is the last day of the month and my last road trip post going to the west coast, I will still be documenting our trip home but that will for sure be less exciting than our trip to. Anyway, if you want to catch up you can check out all of the road trip posts here. Now, let’s talk about California.


California wasn’t on the original schedule for this trip but we figured since we were so close to the Pacific and weren’t sure when we’d be getting another chance to hit up the other ocean, that we might as well make a trip there when it’s only an extra like six hours. We also decided to spend two days here as a little break before we headed back across the country and home to Virginia, ’cause it is a long trek across the country.

Our first day was spent in San Diego, which is where we were staying at, we had a more laid back day this day. We spent some time hanging out in our hotel room, we ubered down to the ocean and had some burritos that were very good and I can’t remember where that was. After burritos and the ocean for a little bit, we headed over to Salt & Straw downtown to get some ice cream which was really good and I enjoyed more than most ice cream I’ve had. I got something to do with cookie dough and it was very good.

We headed back to the hotel for a little while and our plan for that evening was to go to the beach again and watch the sunset, it was a bit cloudy but the sunset was still gorgeous and what a nice spot it was too. I am super glad that we still went even though it was cloudy and we weren’t sure how it would go. I am sure a perfectly cloud-free sky would have been an amazing sunset but I still think that one was fantastic.

We finished our evening off with burritos again and getting some sleep to prepare for our next day in California.



The next day was another thing that wasn’t planned, we went to California and about two weeks before we left I realized that we could go to Disneyland because it wasn’t that far from San Diego and I wanted to go, so we headed north to Disneyland. This was my husbands first time at Disney and I was super excited about it, not only was it both of our first times here it was also Pixarfest and that sounded super fun, which it was. Disney is always fun if you ask me.

I really enjoyed going to Disneyland though I think I am still a Disney World lover at heart, this was really fun. I had a lot of fun going around and doing things that are Disney staples but also getting to do things that I’ve never done before. I also learned that the teacups are stupid by yourself, it was still fun but just no the same as with a buddy.

We had a slightly disappointing lunch at Cafe Orleans, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t up to the standards I expect from Disney meals. However, all the other food we ate throughout the day was super good. We had a lot of fun hunting down a bunch of the Pixar themed foods and may I just say, Coco churros should be permanent at all parks, they were so damn good.

I could probably go on for too long about Disney so I am just going to wrap it up here and call this a good wrap of California. I liked the things we did and we had a lot of fun, but everything in between in terms of driving around California kind of sucked. So really, driving around California kind of ruined my feelings towards California but at the same time I had fun, does that make any sense? Probably not.

Ever been to Disneyland?


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