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First Impression Friday: Silicone Sponge

Happy International Cat Day!

It’s that time where I talk about a product I’ve only ever used once in detail, aka a first impressions post. I am talking about a product that has already had its moment in the sun, it has come and gone but I ended up getting one with a purchase so I wanted to share my opinions on it and that is the silicone sponge. So, let’s bounce right on into this one.


This isn’t really any brand in particular that I know of, it was just something that came for free with some other purchases and I decided to try it out and give my first impression of it.

I have only used this once, which is probably unsurprisingly seeing as this is a first impressions post and if I used it a bunch of times this would just be lying. Anyway, I didn’t have high hopes for this product before I used it, just feeling it I was sure that I wouldn’t be into it. I wasn’t wrong, I hated this.

To start with, this doesn’t feel like anything exciting, just feels like silicone which is to be expected and is why it confuses me as to how this is supposed to work. I tried multiple methods of application with this product and no matter the application, it always ended up looking like I was just smearing foundation on top of my skin instead of into it properly.  I did not like it.

I’m going to keep this one short I think because I really did not like this ‘sponge’ and I ended up throwing it out probably about halfway through my foundation application and using a proper sponge to get my makeup to look the way I wanted, otherwise it was going to look terrible. So, I would say skip over this one because it’s really not worth it.

How do you feel about silicone sponges?


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First Impression Friday


3 thoughts on “First Impression Friday: Silicone Sponge

    1. I have heard such mixed things but this was hands down the worst product I’ve ever used for foundation. You are exactly right, it felt like I was just plopping product on top of my skin and not very well, at that. It was just weird.

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