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Solstice Eyeshadow Palette Review


Up today is the Bad Habit Beauty Solstice Palette, I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while but this warm weather has really made me want to break this one out and talk about it, it just feels like the right time of year to talk about this one. Let’s get reviewing.


This is the Bad Habit Beauty Solstice Palette, this is a shophush exclusive that appears to be out of stock currently so I don’t think I can link you guys to it directly. This will run you $16.00 and comes with fifteen different shades of eyeshadow. This palette is a dupe of the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette, just considerably cheaper than that one.


Now, let’s dive into talking about the packaging. I like the packaging fine, it’s nothing super exciting to me but it’s the worst either. It feels pretty standard when it comes to quality of packaging, once again nothing exciting but nothing bad either, it’s very middle of the road. I do like the layout inside of the palette, it is very simple but it doesn’t feel like the type of palette that wastes a lot of space and that is something that I really appreciate in a product like this.


We’ve gone over the packaging now so I guess it is time to dive into the formula of these shadows. These all swatch pretty nicely but there are some shades that are better than others, like Summer, Winter, and Sol, those are the three shades in this palette that I really think stand out.

The shimmers in this palette are really a hit and miss kind of thing if you ask me, overall they are mostly good but there are some that just feel like real duds to me.

The mattes on the other hands are pretty consistent, they aren’t the best mattes that I’ve ever tried but they are consistently pretty decent. They are a little bit tricky to blend out I find but I can still blend them out fairly well and make the look work.

It is a cheaper palette and it’s pretty good, but not the best palette from this site that I have tried. I think the shadows are a tiny bit difficult to work with on the whole but like I said, I can still get some pretty good looks out of them which you will see below.

I did two different looks using this palette, the lighter one being the one that I prefer and the darker one less so. I feature some eyeshadows such as Summer, Sol, Spring, Fall, Earth and a few others in these two looks.

Overall, I’m kind of on the fence about this palette, I’m going to try it out a couple more times before giving up on it but if I do pass this one along I will keep you guys updated. I just feel like I had to work a bunch at this and ended up with two eye looks that are okay but aren’t great, we’ll see though with some future use.

What do you think of these dupe palettes?


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