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2018 Roadtrip Lookbook

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

I am here today with some more road trip content, not the typical stuff of talking about places but instead a little lookbook, I took a mirror selfie of every outfit that I wore on the trip and figured I would share them all with you guys because I loved my road trip wardrobe. So, stick around to get some fun summery/road trip inspiration for outfits.


Home To Bristol, Tennessee: I wore this cute top that I got from Thredup but is originally from Old Navy, unsurprisingly. I also wore a pair of comfy capris from Kohls and finished it off with a pair of sandals from TjMaxx that you will be seeing alot.

Nashville, Tennessee: I wore this adorable off the shoulder gingham shirt that I got from Stitchfix, I put on a different pair of denim capris and finished off this look with those same sandals from TjMaxx. Something simple but cute.

Little Rock, Arkansas: I wore this sweet little top that I picked up at Target, I put on the same capris from the day before and of course the same Sandals. Then I finished off the look with this adorable headband that I picked up from Ulta.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: This outfit is a little bit strange looking at it now, but I wore a pink tank that I got from Old Navy, I wore these cute little shorts that I got off of Amazon, a cardigan from H&M and lastly the same sandals that I had been wearing for days at this point.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: I went simple today and got ready for some different terrain by wearing this tee from Old Navy, these shorts that I also got from Old Navy and a pair of green Keds. I also pinned my bangs back, ready for adventure.


Flagstaff, Arizona: I knew this was probably going to be a really casual day so I wore this adorable dress that I picked up from Old Navy, this cardigan from H&M and my green Keds again. A super cute but comfy look for the day.

Grand Canyon/Kingman, Arizona: I love this top from Old Navy and thought that it was perfect for this trip and this day particularly, I paired it with these shorts I picked up from Amazon and lastly a pair of sketchers that are far more appropriate for moving around the Grand Canyon.

San Diego, California: I was getting ready for more beachy weather and places, so I wore this cute little-striped tank from Old Navy with this skirt that is also from Old Navy and here is the return of the sandals from TjMaxx.

Disneyland, California: I started with this black dress that I got from Thredup, which is originally from Old Navy and then I paired this adorable graphic tee from Target over top. I also brought out the Keds again, a good pair for walking without looking as bulky as my Sketchers. A great Disney outfit if you ask me.

Tucson, Arizona: I wore this adorable little cactus graphic tee from Old Navy, these Amazon shorts again, this H&M Cardigan, and the return of the sandals again for a really casual Saturday look.


El Paso, Texas: I wore these little green shorts that I picked up from Old Navy, this yellow tank that is from Old Navy, the same H&M Cardigan and lastly a pair of sandals.

Dallas, Texas: This was the longest distance day for us so I kept it really casual with this tee from Kohls, a pair of capris from I’m not sure where and the same sandals that I’ve worn for over half of this trip.

Memphis, Tennessee: I kept it casual again because at this point I was running out of clothes. I wore this Gravity Falls tee which was a gift, along with the same capris and lastly the same sandals.

Knoxville, Tennessee: I wore this super adorable crop tied top from Stitchfix, with the same capris and sandals that I have been wearing far too long at this point.

Knoxville, Tennessee to Home: I didn’t really have a lot of options at this point but I really like this dress so that’s alright, this dress is from Old Navy and the sandals are from TjMaxx, which you know by now.

And those are all of the outfits that I wore on my trip, as you can tell I really like Old Navy and they take up half of my closet, I just really like the vibe in there and that everything comes in different patterns and colors, it makes it easy to mix things up. Anyway, I’m really happy with this and some of my favorites from this trip were Nashville, Flagstaff and San Diego.

What do you like to wear on a trip?


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