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Project Pan 2018: Update #2

Project Pan 2018

It is time once again for another project pan update, I almost forgot to do this one this month but have no worries, I shifted a few things around so that I could make sure to update you guys on how my project is going. As of the last update I was not doing as well as I was hoping, but I think I’m doing a little bit better this time around so let’s just jump right in.


9. Perfume – Vanilla Bean Noel Body Mist 

I kind of thought that I might be finished with this one by the time this update came but I was wrong, I’m still working on this but I can say this for sure, I will be finished with this by the next update because I have been using this a ton.

Amount Started With: 85% Current Amount: – 25%

51. Something Orange – The Body Shop Energizing Face Mist 

I really focused on this one and actually finished this one up, I used it up on my trip and forgot to bring it with me so I could put it in my empties because I am forgetful apparently. I liked this alright but it wasn’t my favorite, probably wouldn’t repurchase it again.

Amount Started With: 100% Current Amount: Finished

38. Tarte Item – Tarte Frxxxtion Stick

I actually just finished this product and it will be in an upcoming empties, I do have another one though and I might try and finish that one up before the end of the year, we’ll see how it goes through. I really like this, this is the second tube that I’ve been through and I still think it’s pretty good, I’d say I’d probably pick up another sometime but I already have another one.

Amount Started With: 100% Current Amount: Finished

25. Something in a Stick/Tube – Skinfix Candy Cane Lip Balm

I use this for a period of time and then I completely forget that it exists, so my progress on this one isn’t anywhere near where I hoped it would be but I am getting there.

Amount  Started With: 100% Current Amount: 75%

30. Nail Polish – Orly Nail Armor 

So, I ended up decluttering this, forgetting that I did that and going hmmm, I really liked that and I think I’m going to try it again. So, now I once again own this product and am trying it out again, so far I’m not completely sure as to why I decluttered it but we will see how this one goes.

Amount Started With: 85% Amount Left: Decluttered?


35. Non-Black Eyeliner – Stila Smudge Stick in Cobalt

I go through phases with this like most other things, I use this often for a little while and then I completely forget that it is a thing, however, I have been making some progress on this and I am feeling confident that I will finish this up by the end of the year. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Amount Started With: 60% Amount Left: 40%

37. Maybelline Item – Baby Lips in Grape Vine 

This is still living in my purse, it’s not the chapstick I got for though because I am still trying to use up another chapstick that I carry around with me. I’m nearly finished with that one and then I think this will be the one that I focus all my attention on but so far there hasn’t been a lot of progress.

Amount Started With: 90% Amount Left: 75%

50. Mac Product – Pigment Mini in Kitchmas 

This is something I am never going to get through this year, I can try but I have already accepted that I am not going to use this one up. I have touched this probably a couple of handfuls of times and it still looks like I have barely used it, so not sure this one is going to go.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 95%

16. New Item in Your Collection – Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer Mini 

I have been using this one a lot an am actually making really good progress on this primer, I’m not there yet but I am getting there and am fairly sure I will be finished by the next update.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 40%

22. Something You Have Never Used –  Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 45

I am never going to finish this, I can tell you this now, at least not this year but I am going to continue working towards this. I am not sure that I’ve even made any more progress than last time.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 85%

18. Something Purple – Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Cry Baby

Endlessly forgetting to use products, I’ve probably used this about three times since my last update so not really getting anywhere with this one, at least not quickly.

Amount Started With: 95% Amount Left: 80%

3. Deluxe Sized Item – Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Blushing Margarita

I have been using this one up a little bit more and I find that these are pretty easy to use up, partly because I really like this formula and partly because lip glosses don’t really last very long so I have to keep applying.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 60%


28. Blush – W7 Candy Floss 

Blushes are hard, I feel like I use this pretty often and I can barely see a dent in it, so I am not confident in my ability to finish this one. I’m going to try though. This blush is really making me realize that I have far too many blushes though because I am not getting through this quickly so there is no way I’m ever going to finish it all up.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 85%

46. Highlighter – Colourpop Smokin’ Whistles 

This is still almost the only hightlighter I use, sometimes it up a little bit but I am really focused on trying to use this up. This one is a tough cookie but I have seen some progress.

Amount Started With: 65% Amount Left: 30%

52. Setting Powder – Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder 

I am sure that I am going to finish this before the next check in, this has been my only setting powder for a while now and I still love it very much. This has been going by quite quickly.

Amount Started With: 80% Amount Left: 25%

11.  Something Hyped Up On Youtube – NYX HD Blush in Taupe 

I will never get through this either, not this year but I probably will eventually. I have been using this fairly frequently, not all the time but I’m not noticing any dip or anything else yet so I still have a ways to go with this one.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 85%

31. Single Eyeshadow – Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Cake

I have started using this more but this is a lot like the highlighter and it’s something that I am finding hard to get through, though I am noticing a tiny dip in it. This could go either way.

Amount Started With: 100% Amount Left: 90%


14. Something You’ve Hit Pan On – Lorac Pro Matte Palette

I am making some progress on this one, I have completely panned two eyeshadows now and have hit pan on two, I also have good size sized dips in two others and black and white are still hard for me but I’m trying to work on them slowly.

Amount Started With: 70% I would estimate Amount Left: 50%

Palette Of The Year – Lorac Pro 3

This is something that I am working at but still am not noticing a whole lot of difference in it, I started with a nearly full palette and I have a few dips in a few shades but nothing major yet, I am using it a lot more so I’m hoping to make some real progress with this one over the next six months but we will see.

I have eighteen additional things, the palette is one of them, the next one is eight candles which I haven’t done yet but I have made some progress on this since my last update. I have used up a total of two Bath & Bodyworks candles so that is working towards those eight candles, I’m not sure I’ll get there but I’m really going to try and get six more of the next six months. That’s only one a month and shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The next thing is nine lush products which is super easy, I just keep forgetting to keep track of them, but I know for sure that I have used up more than eight Lush products this year. I should have kept better track of them but I didn’t and it is too late now. I’m going to continue buying bath products I’m sure and I’m going to continue to try and use up my bath products more frequently so I don’t have so much of a stash like I do now.

So far my progress isn’t fantastic but I also don’t think I’m doing terribly, so far I have finished two products and decluttered one, which really leaves fifteen products left to use up and I have a few that are on their way out. So I’m not where I was hoping to be but I’m also not as behind as I could be. We’ll just have to wait and see how it works out.


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4 thoughts on “Project Pan 2018: Update #2

  1. I love reading these project pan posts; I really need to jump on this train! I’ve been doing a lot better lately with actually using things and not buying new things when I haven’t finished the other 744678 products I have in that category! I am however making an Ulta run today though…I’ve gotta re-up on my essentials. Here’s to hoping I don’t buy too much that’s NOT on my list!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 thanks for sharing lovely! 💗


    1. Yes, I love these and empties! You should, it’s somewhat challenging but it’s fun and super satisfying to finish. I have a hard time focusing on things so this and shopping my stash has really helped me focus on things I don’t give as much attention to and see if I really like them. Sometimes you gotta have a little fun on Ulta runs. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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