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Summer Clothing Wishlist 2018


Hello there, I know it isn’t technically summer yet but it is damn close, in fact, it starts tomorrow so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to share this now. I will be sharing a little list of some clothing, shoes and other accessories that I am lusting after at the moment, so let’s just dive right on into this one.

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First up on my summer wishlist are these really cute red cotton shorts from Old Navy. These will run you $24.00 regularly but you can often find these on sale, I am sure of that.

I’m pretty sure I have these exact shorts in two other colors, every year they seem to come out with new colors and some old staples, so it feels like I always end up with a new pair of fun colored shorts. Anyway, these are super comfortable and a super easy piece to work into any casual summer outfit. Although, I will say, this red shade adds a bit of extra pop to an outfit. Sometimes I need things like this to remind me that the pop of color doesn’t always have to be up top.

Image result for kate spade black gingham keds

Next up on my wishlist is a pair of shoes, more specfically a pair of Kate Spade x Keds black gingham sneakers. These will regularly run you $75.00 but you can find them on sale, infact they are currently on sale and I am heavily debating purchasing them myself.

Also, clearly I am still in this gingham everything phase, I’m not sure why or where it came from exactly but I do know that I still love it and love everything with gingham print.

I just think these shoes in this print are something that are a little bit fun but also really easy to mix with any outfit.

Time for a little bit of accessorizing in this list with something that I think is really adorable and those are these Honey, Comb Back Wooden Earrings from Modcloth. These will run you $15.00 but are so cute and simple while also still being interesting, if you ask me.

I really like these earrings for two reasons, the first being that I just like bees and most things related to it such as honeycomb, I also just really like the shape of these and think that they are interesting to look at.

These seem like a really nice pair of fairly simpe earrings but at the same time a little bit of a statement, nothing too over the top but nothing super simple either and I like that about these.

This next item is too cute and I couldn’t not include it in this list, this is an off the shoulder blouse from H&M, it’ll run you $17.99 which I don’t think is a bad price at all for something like this, especially since it’s so on trend right now. I have been seeing off the shoulder items everywhere recently.

I personally like this because of the shade of it, it’s a really pretty soft pink shade along with the fact that it’s a pretty basic and that is something that I love. I don’t love owning too many flashy pieces.

This kind of top does seem really versatile like it can be dressed down with a pair of jeans really easily or it can be dressed up with a skirt for something a little bit more put together.

product photo

This list wouldn’t be a proper or completed summer clothing wishlist without a dress included. So, I’ve settled on this really simple but perfect for summer Suspended Neck Swing dress in the shade Maroon Jive, which will run you $26.99 regularly but it’s from Old Navy so it’s pretty simple to find sales here. I do enjoy the teal and the orange shade but I think the maroon is interesting for the summer and would make a nice transition piece into the fall with a nice

sweater over top and maybe some tights.

I like this dress because it looks very breezy and comfortable, it also seems like a dress that would be easy to dress up a little bit or something that can easily be worth casually.

This next pick is something I debated for a few minutes but settled on adding because I thought it was too cute not to add, this is the And Minnie More bag from Mod Cloth and it’ll run you $65.00 regularly but is currently on sale for $ 59.99.

This bag reminds me of summer because who doesn’t love trips to Disney in the summer? I know I have a love-hate with them but it’s mostly love because it is Disney.

I just had to add this to this list because it is too cute not too and I really love it, I could totally see myself rocking this little Minnie Mouse crossbody bag all summer, or heck, even all year because it is that cute.

product photo

I want to start out by saying that I think these striped ones are really cute but they were not the ones I would have chosen originally. Originally I chose a pair of solid navy ones but those appear to have sold out, so instead, I’m still going to feature these shorts because I still like the scallop. These shorts are from Old Navy and will regularly run you $29.99, though they are currently on sale and you can often find them on sale.

I liked these shorts because they were simple and basic while also being something a little bit different and interesting. These also look really comfortable and I like that about them.

It’s time for another pair of shoes, a very fun, summery and slightly out there shoe choice but one that I like and think is fun. These come from ModCloth and will run you $55.00.

These aren’t something that I would typically wear, but sometimes I like to pick out something that’s a little bolder and a little bit more of a statement piece, though I’ve never really owned shoes that are bolder like this pair. I just think these are fun and interesting.

These are also a pair of shoes that I think can be somewhat versatile, sure I think they’ll jazz up any outfit you put them with but I feel like you could wear these with a pair of shorts and a tee or a dress easily.

This top is my next pick, it’s pretty simple top but I think that’s why I like it. This off the shoulder polka dot blouse comes from H&M and will run you $17.99, which I think is a really good price but typically H&M is priced reasonably.

This is another off the shoulder top because it is very on trend right now and I’m also finding that I really like these, they are just fun without showing too much skin I think. I also like this one because I think the little ties on the sleeves are very cute and I really like the polka dots aswell, even though I don’t wear polka dots super often. This just fits into my style really well and I’m really lusting after this top, I might have to venture into and H&M to give it a try on and see how it actually looks in person.

My last pick for this list is the dress, this dress from ModCloth and will run you $79.00 which I don’t think is a terrible price for a piece like this.

This dress is something that is really different for me and a little bit out there for me but I still really like it. I think this dress is bright and fun and that’s why I put it on the list, sure it’s different for me but I can still one hundred percent see myself rocking this.

This may not be the most typical or versatile of pieces I’ve picked on this list but it’s probably one of the most fun and one of my favorites and I am drooling over this dress, I might even have to pick this one up in my size.

And those are all of my picks for the summer, I’m sure I’ll come across other things to lust after but these are the main things that I am really drooling over for summer. I think all of these pieces would be great additions to my wardrobe, though I’m not sure that I’ll pick all of them up or if I’ll pick any of them up, we’ll see.

What are you lusting after for this summer?


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Summer Clothing Wishlist


4 thoughts on “Summer Clothing Wishlist 2018

  1. I love that off the shoulder blouse from H&M, it’s perfect for this time of year. And I must say, Old Navy has been crushing it with their summer line! I’ve purchased waaaaayyyyyyy too many items from there in the last 2 months…oops! Thanks for sharing! 💗

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