2018 · Face Mask Friday

Face Mask Friday: Drunk Elephant Sukari Baby Facial


Today is a day that I pretty much talk about pampering and that is Face Mask Friday, a great day that comes around once every month, not that I only face mask once a month but I only talk about it once a month. Anyway, last month was all about the Disco Kitten Mask and this month is all about the Drunk Elephant Sukari Baby Facial, which I have been hearing nothing but great things about. So, lets jump on in and see what I think of this one.


I know, I should have taken a better photo, I feel like my photos have improved so much over the years but sometimes this happens because I am still lazy. But, I don’t think it’ll ruin my review, today I am talking about the Drunk Elephant Sukari Baby Facial and the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, though that’s more of an add-on, I just happened to get a little set so I thought I would talk a little bit about the oil as well.

I want to start out this review the way that I start out most reviews and that is by talking about the packaging, which you can see in the photo above. I actually really quite like the packaging, it’s very simple and straightforward but the lids are all colorful and I like that, it’s very visually appealing.

Once pumped out it is this weird yellow-brown color, it’s not a very attractive color to look at if you ask me but I guess that doesn’t really matter that much. I didn’t really notice much of a smell, so if there is a smell it’s very faint. I applied a thin layer to the face, partly because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do with this one and partly because I had read a lot of reviews talking about how it stings and burns a little so I was a little bit afraid and didn’t just want to dive in after reading that.

This immediately started to feel warm and then developed into a bit of a low grade stinging, it wasn’t too bad but I would say if you have very sensitive skin then you would probably want to avoid this one. It wasn’t my favorite feeling in the world but it wasn’t that bad and the after made it totally worth it. I think I have pretty nice skin in the first place but after using this my skin was insanely soft and smooth, the oil added a little bit extra to that as well. I was very much impressed with this product.

Overall, I really liked this mask and thought that it left my skin feeling amazing, I’m not sure I would go for this if I had really senstive skin but if you have normal skin I would suggest trying this if ever given the chance, though I will say this is a pretty steep price.

What’s your favorite product from Drunk Elephant?


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