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Try It Tuesday: LillianVioletCo Bath Bombs


Last month was all about earrings and this month is all about bath bombs, this months bath bombs are also from the Etsy shop LillianVioletCo which is a shop that sells a bunch of different body care products. This shop has really great pricing I think as I got to pick out five bath bombs for a total of $20, which is a pretty good price. Anyway, let’s just dive on into these bombs.



I’m going to include three out of the five bath bombs in today’s post, mostly because I didn’t want to do too many but I wanted to be able to get a good feel for what this shop sells and how their bath bombs preform, which I felt that I wouldn’t get from one bath bomb. Anyway, first up is the Donut Go Breaking My Heart bath bomb, the bath bomb is in the shape of a pink donut and is simply adorable.

I forgot to get a picture of the water but I just wanted to mention it now that this bomb turns the water a really light and soft pink shade, which is not surprising at all considering the outer appearance of this. This one was a very slow fizzer, it really took it’s time to completely dissolve which didn’t bother me one bit. This one also didn’t really feel moisturizing or like a luxurious experience, which was a little bit of a letdown. This did have a really sweet and potent smell though, which was really nice as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I couldn’t really define the smell very well other than the fact that it was a sweet scent that I mostly enjoyed. Overall, I think this was an alright bath bomb, nothing to jump up and down about but nothing terrible either.



Up next is this adorable pineapple shaped bath bomb that is called fineapple, which I enjoy. I think the outer appearance of this bath bomb is too adorable and I love it. This one is for sure a fast fizzer once it hits the water, it disappears in no time flat, which I’m not sure that I like more than a slow fizzer because it’s just gone in the blink of an eye, well, just about anyway.

I think the color was unsurprising but still very pretty, it turned the water a really lovely shade or turquoise. I love the color, it’s so rich and deep and just a pretty shade. The next thing I want to mention is the scent of this bath bomb, this one smells exactly like you would expect it to, it smells like fresh pineapple and the slightest bit of green to it, which hopefully makes sense. This scent also really lingers, it’s very strong and I found that it also lingers on the skin as I was smelling like this four hours afterward. I wasn’t personally the biggest fan of the scent but I still think this was a great bath bomb and I rather enjoyed it.


This is my last one I will be reviewing in this post and this is the Unicorn bath bomb, the only one in this little group that it just your standard round shaped bath bomb but this one does have some really pretty pastel shades, it also has really fine glitter in it, something that one might expect when using a bath bomb called Unicorn.

This one was probably the most average fizzer of the three, I didn’t find that it took so long to fizz but it wasn’t gone in a flash either, it was truly just pretty standard. This one also left the water an interesting shade once it all fizzled away, almost a light blue-gray kind of shade which is something that I haven’t really come across in other bath bombs. This one also has a tiny bit of sparkle to it in the bath, as to be expected, it’s quite pretty. The scent of this one isn’t something that I can really pick out, it’s just sweet and I like it. This one feels nice in the water and all around is a well balanced bath bomb if you ask me.

Now, I guess it’s time for the verdict, which you can probably guess just by reading these breif reviews and that is I like these bath bombs, they aren’t Lush as Lush is still my top dog but these are the second best bath bombs I’ve ever tried. These are also a little bit more fun than Lush as they come in a bunch of fun colors and shapes, these come in different scents and are just fun and I like them.

What are your favorite brands of bath bombs?


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