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Roadtrip: Oklahoma City & Albuquerque


It is time for our third road trip update, we ended on Little Rock last time and today we are picking up on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. A couple of places that I actually quite enjoyed, both will mention food a fair amount though but honestly, that shouldn’t be surprising at this point because the food was a big part of this trip. We pretty much ate our way across the country, which was fun. Anyway, let’s jump into talking about these two places.

Oklahoma City is probably the first place that we really tried to do a bunch of things and actually had a good day. I kind of wish all the days had been like this one but at the same time, I think it would have been really tiring if we were out and about every single day, we for sure needed some breaks.

I never expected to enjoy Oklahoma City as much as we did, it was a nice little city and I had a blast there. We started our day out with our first Uber adventure, which ended up with us waiting about half an hour before canceling because this lady was clearly never coming to us. So, that led us to our second Uber driver who was great and took us to a somewhat late brunch at Waffle Champion, which was great. That place was busy though, even an hour before close but it was also a Sunday and I am sure that is one of their busiest days. The waffles were so good, I got the banana cream pie waffle and I am still talking about it, hands down the best waffle that I’ve ever had and also would completely recommend this place if you are ever in the area, it’s a little bit crowded but worth it.

After that, we took a stroll over to the art museum which wasn’t too far away and once again we were greeted with tons of people because it was some free family day, which wasn’t too terrible. We walked around for a while, looked at pretty much everything and had a great time before heading back to our hotel a little bit early and calling it a day.

Also, we had Taco Bueno for dinner and that was pretty good and made for a really relaxed evening for us. So overall, Oklahoma City was a really nice experience.

Albuquerque was our longest day on the way to the other coast, I think it was an eight-hour trip and we did get started pretty early, so we got there in the middle of the day if I’m remembering correctly. We were a little bit pooped by the time we got there, especially after the insane interstate that is there, so we ended up handing out in our hotel room for the evening instead of exploring.

We ended up getting Cheba Hut which was pretty good, they had these really good pretzel nugget things that I am also still talking about and we also got cookies from Rude Boy Cookies, which were actually really good. We didn’t do much that evening but it was still a good one.

The next day, before we left we went to Buffalo exchange, a place that I had heard a lot about but had never been to so I was excited to go to one. It was pretty fun and I did leave with a couple of cute items, so it was a good trip and after that we headed out and to the next stop in our trip which was Flagstaff, an adventure you will hear about later.

And those are the two places I am focusing on for today, I have a couple more road trip posts planned out for this month that will finish with us at the other side of the country. Next month will be focused on the way back, so keep your eyes peeled for those in the upcoming two months.nicolesignout

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