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May 2018 Nail Wrap Up

May 2018 (1)

I have the same amount of nail pictures to share with you guys this month as I did last month, which is a grand total of four nail pictures, though that does not mean that it’s just four polishes. I’m just going to five right in and share all of the nails I rocked this past month with you guys.

May 2018 - Polish Me Silly Dreamer

The first shade this month is from the brand Polish Me Silly and is in the shade Dreamer, of course, I chose this to wear on the trip due to the fact that I could rely on it to last a fairly long time. I am really happy with the wear and shade of this one, it probably lasted about five days before it started chipping and eventually, I did remove it but overall I am quite happy with this polish.

May20182 - CBL Let's Boogie and China Glaze Snowglobe

Up next I am wearing two polishes, the base is a CBL polish in the shade Let’s Boogie and the glitter is a China Glaze in the shade Snow Globe. The base is really bright and fun for the summer season I think and the glitter is probably my all time favorite glitter, it just goes perfectly with everything.

May20183 - CBL Young Turks

Yes, I do wear these pants a lot, haha. Anyway, this one is a gorgeous holo polish from CBL in the shade Young Turks. I am super glad that I decided to pick this one up because it is stunning, it’s super shiny and holographic while also just being a really pretty shade of nail polish.

May20183 - LA Girl Eden and CBL Tease

We are already at our last polish combo of the month, this one is a base of Tease from CBL and the glitter topper is Eden from LA Girl. This was my least favorite from the month because I’m not too crazy about either polish, I will give them another go before really judging them but so far I don’t think either applied particularly well but I do think they still turned out alright.

And those are all of my nails from the month of May, nothing too exciting or out there but still all nail shades that I actually really enjoyed, for the most part anyway. I am really happy with them and am looking forward to trying out more in the near future. I just really love painting my nails, anyone else?

What nails color have you been rocking in May?


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4 thoughts on “May 2018 Nail Wrap Up

      1. Most of her collections stick around for quite a while so I don’t think there’s a rush, but I do recommend them. The colours are beautiful and the polishes are long lasting 🙂


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