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Why May 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

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Am I the only one that can’t believe that it’s already June? The year is flying by and before I know it, it’ll be Christmas and the year will be over, but we aren’t there quite yet. This year go a slow start but now the months are flying by, which is how it typically goes. Anyway, if you want to read all about April you can check it out here and then we can get into this post and into May.

May was a big month for me, the first time in a while that I’ve felt like it’s been a big month and I actually have something to talk about. I am making separate posts for my entire road trip and the places we stopped, so I’m going to try not to go on about that too much but I will probably include some of the more exciting things that happened.

Can I just start by saying I am so excited that it’s finally started to warm up? I am ready for summer to come and maybe stay a while, though I am sure it’ll go away before I’m ready to say goodbye, that is far away so I don’t have to worry about it yet.

As you probably know my husband and I did that late honeymoon thing in the form of a road trip to California and back, coast to coast is what we did and it was really quite fun, but also a lot of time in the car. Some of the highlights I think were these amazing waffles we got at waffle champion in Oklahoma City, we had some great barbeque in Texas and we also had great burritos in California.

Some of the other highlights of the trip were just the ever-changing scenery that we saw as we drove along through the states, from lush green mountains, to flat land to rocky dry mountains, it was really interesting.

We did the Grandy Canyon, which was stunning and I don’t really have words to describe but I do have a lot of photos to share later this month. We went to Disneyland, which was super fun and exciting as someone who loves Disney. We also saw the Pacific Ocean, which was really cool even though it was kind of just an ocean, it was just cool standing in the largest ocean.

I’m sure there are tons of other things but I’m going to try and not shove too many things in here and leave it at this, half of this month has been jam-packed full of things and the other half has been fairly boring as usual.

Photo Here.

Now, time to wrap up my goals from last month, I kept them short last month and I did alright, or really I did 50/50 but I’d say that’s alright. I did get four books ahead of schedule and I am very excited about that, not sure if I can keep up the pace though but we will see. I did not do particularly well working out on vacation though, every place we went had a little gym and I brought a few things to work out in but I just didn’t do it, I did do things in our hotel room once or twice and we did do a lot of walking, but I didn’t really complete this goal. And as an honorary mention, I want to say that I have scheduled a consultation to get my wisdom teeth removed, I’m pretty proud

Get Five Books Ahead: I’m already four ahead so I figure getting five ahead can’t be too terrible hard, right? We’ll see. I’m not sure when I will stop being able to be ahead on reading but we will see.

Get Back To Working Out: I fell of hard on vacation and I am ready to get back on track even though it’s going to be tough, I want to get on it.

No Buy: I need to get myself back on track and back on a no buy, I’ve never been able to complete one but I’m hoping to crush it this month. With the exception of one purchase that I’ve been planning since I saw it was coming out, but other than that I plan on keeping up with a no buy.

Decluttering: Endlessly looking to declutter and go through things and see what I need and don’t need, so let’s see if I can get through some things.

And that was my May and all of my goals for the next month, still trying to keep it a little bit mild in terms of goals but a lot more than last month.

How was your May?


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