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Review: Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

Time for a Lush review that I have been sitting on for a little while now, which should be no surprise to most people seeing as that’s how most of my Lush reviews come to be, things that I’ve been sitting on a reviewing very slowly. Today is all about the Bombardino bath bomb, which is a bomb that I picked up months ago on the kitchen, which should tell you how long it’s been. But anyway, let’s talk a bit about this bomb.


Alright, I am not sure what year this bath bomb originally came out and I’m also not sure when it will be making an appearance again, as it is not a regular line item so I can’t give you a whole lot about price and when this would be available again, but I will say keep your eyes peeled in case it pops up somewhere.

This bath bomb is vegan, as most Lush bombs are but in case you use exclusively vegan products this one is good. This bomb features several ingredients including cocoa butter, bergamot oil, Sicilian lemon oil and fair trade vanilla absolute.

This bomb is also inspired by a popular drink in Italy during the winter time that mixes eggnog, brandy and whipped cream. Which personally sounds a bit gross to me as I do not like eggnog nor do I like brandy, but it does sound like a combination that would probably make a really delightful smelling bath bomb.

20180205_174854Now, I want to get into the review and start out exactly the way that I start out all other reviews and that is by talking about the appearance of this bomb, which you can see to the right and above but I still want to give my thoughts on this bomb. I think this little guy is really quite adorable, I love his little whip cream top and I also love his little chocolate chip eyes. It’s really a fantastic bomb that works perfectly for the scent and the thing that it was inspired by if you ask me.

The next appearance thing to talk about it once this cute little fellow has dissolved, this one doesn’t really do anything that would surprise you in the water as it fizzes out yellow and white like you would expect and once it’s all gone it leaves a yellow bathwater behind, which I am not the biggest fan of but it’s not the worst thing ever. Though I will say it does kind of look like pee, so if those things bother you, you might want to skip on this one.


This feels amazing once it’s in the water though, it feels incredibly moisturizing and very luxurious, which all Lush bath bombs do but I do think this one is a little bit above the rest. That’s not something I say a lot as I am sure that in most of these reviews I talk about the water feels soft but nothing out of the norm for Lush, this one is better and feels like a great product to use during the winter months, which is what I did.

And now the last and the best part, the smell, I don’t know why I always leave this for last but maybe it’s because that what I’ve always heard? You know, save the best for last and the smell is the best part about any bath bomb if you ask me.

Bombardino has a fantastic smell to it and it reminds me a bit of Yuzu and Cocoa, a scent that has a bit of citrus to it and this creamy cocoa butter scent but is still very fruity, I will say this has less of that coconut scent then yuzu and cocoa and has more of a citrus scent to it. Don’t get me wrong though, this scent is very soft and comforting more than it is fruity but it does have a fruity note to it.

Overall, I like this bath bomb and think it’s really a fantastic one, I hope they bring this bomb back some time because I would love to get to enjoy it again and also stock up on a few so I can hoard them like I do everything else. Anyway, this bath bomb is fantastic in my opinion and I’m happy to have gotten a chance to give this a try, I would recommend it if you ever get a chance to get your hands on one.

What’s your favorite bath bomb?


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