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Roadtrip: Nashville & Little Rock

Ever imagined a hike through the Amazon_ Imagine no longer...

Hello there, I am back with another road trip post, this one is going to be about two places, partly because some places just weren’t as exciting as others and it just makes more sense to me to combine some places so I’m not writing a bunch of tiny posts or a handful of huge ones. My first post was all about Bristol and a bit of an introduction, this one is all about Nashville and Little Rock, so let’s jump right on in and see how these places treated me.

Let’s start with Nashville, Tennessee because it was the next stop on the trip and it was not as exciting as I wanted it to be because it rained the entire time we were there, it was the only place that rained when we were there so I’m not super mad about it but I was really excited about Nashville and it kind of ruined a lot of my time there. I did get to see the Parthenon replica from the car because it was raining and I didn’t want to get out if I’m being completely honest, I also forgot to take a photo but it’s too late now to worry about that.

We did get burgers after that at The Pharmacy, which was super busy and we had to wait 45 minutes, looking back now I think that was stupid because the burgers were just okay. There wasn’t anything wrong with them but they were nothing to jump up and down about and they also weren’t worth the 45 minute wait. After that, we headed to grab some ice cream and Jeni’s ice cream, which was pretty good and then we called it a day due to all the rain.

I will say this, Tennessee is very pretty in terms of landscapes, that is something that I quickly learned.

Now, it was time for us to leave Nashville and head to our next stop which was Little Rock, Arkansas. Which, I will warn you now was not super eventful due to it being Cinco De Mayo and us not wanting to go to a lot of the places that I had picked out because of tons of people. But, if I am being honest I wasn’t super excited about this stop in the first place, so I wasn’t really mad about it.

We did go grab some pizza at Hideaway Pizza, which was not the best pizza that I’ve ever had but it was still pretty damn good. I had forgotten face wash so after this stop we popped over to a nearby mall, where I wandered around a real proper Sephora for just a little bit but ended up leaving with exactly what I had come for, which is a first if I’m being honest, I never leave a makeup store with only the things I go for. We finished our evening hanging out in the hotel room before setting off the next day for a new place.

Peach Fanta might be my new favorite thing. Also, I will talk a lot about food, I ate a lot of food and we didn’t have the most exciting trip in the history of ever but I will still be sharing all of the things.


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Roadtrip_Nashville & Little Rock


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