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First Impression Friday: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL

First Impression Friday

It’s Friday and today that means it is time for a first impression Friday post, this month is all about a lipgloss from Soap & Glory, yes, last month was about lip gloss too but I’m just really into lipgloss. Let’s just get into talking about this gloss and my first impression of it.

IMG_03051Today’s first impression is all about the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL in the shade Nude In Town, this will run you $14.00 and comes with 0.33oz of product in it. I think that’s a pretty fair amount of product for a lipgloss, but I’m also not super aware of what typical lip gloss sizes are but this sounds like a good amount to me.

IMG_0306Let me talk a little bit about the packaging of this product for a minute, it’s nothing exciting and is really a pretty typical lipgloss tube, from the shape to how it comes out. I don’t mind it though it’s not something that I have a ton of if I’m being honest. I also like the font choices on the tube itself, it’s pretty simple but it’s also very Soap & Glory based on the products that I’ve seen from the brand.

IMG_0308Now to talk about the formula and the look on the lips. I think this lip gloss doesn’t really have a lot of color to it, I didn’t share a picture of the before but this really didn’t change once applied on the lips. This also wasn’t nearly as glossy as I thought it was going to be, it is a tiny bit more glossy in person than it in this photo but nothing insanely different. I also don’t think this really plumps the lips, I have fairly full lips but I didn’t really notice a lot of difference. The great thing about this gloss though is that it lasts fairly well and it smells amazing, this has a fantastic sweet mint chocolate scent to it that I very much enjoy.

Overall, I like this lipgloss based on one use but it’s nothing super exciting or that out there for me personally, I think it was just okay, or really I just liked it. If you are looking for a gloss it will work well but there are better glosses out there.

What’s your favorite lipgloss?


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