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Bad Habit Sahara Palette Review

Bad Habit

Today is all about this beautiful palette from the brand Bad Habit, which is a brand that you can purchase on the site/app shop hush. This palette just really fits in with that whole summertime/road trip theme that my posts have had as of recently, so that’s a little bit why I picked now to review this one. Anyway, let’s get into talking the Sahara palette.

IMG_0302This palette is available on the Shop Hush app and according to the Bad Habit Beauty website most of their items are available in boutiques, I’m not sure how to find that information out really so I would say the app is your best bet. This palette will run you $12.00, which I think is a really fantastic price for this palette especially considering that you get fourteen different shades of eyeshadow in this palette. I believe this is a dupe of the Kylie Cosmetics The Nice Palette, at least that’s what it looks like to me but I am not 100% sure.


I’m going to talk a little bit about the packaging now, the packaging feels pretty standard and typical, especially for this brand. It’s cardboard and it really reminds me of Lorac packaging just less smudgey, which if you’ve ever had a Lorac Pro palette I think you’ll know what I mean. The inside layout also reminds me of the Lorac Pros, granted that is a really basic design so it’s not like it’s anything groundbreaking.

IMG_0304Now let’s talk colors and formula a little bit, these palettes from shop hush tend to be a little bit hit and miss from my experience, overall it mostly hits but there are a few that are misses. This is not a miss, this one is rather good from what I can tell. I have not worked with all of the shades yet but I have used most of them at this point and I think I can say that overall I think that these shadows are rather nice. They have a good pigmentation, they blend very well and are pretty soft and easy to use.

Typically I do three shadow looks and I did the third one, but I just can’t find the photo I took of it so I’m going to settle on two photos for now. I also forgot swatches of all the shades but we’ll be okay this one time without them, at least I hope so. Anyway, I very much love the left eye more, I think it’s fun and sunsetty, I think my eyeliner is messed up in this one but other than that I would do this look again. The right eye is also something I would do again but maybe with black or blue eyeliner instead of red, I was mostly just messing around and trying things out with this look. I am happy with both looks though and overall really like palette.

What’s your favorite palette from Hush?


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