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Try It Tuesday: Beaded Earrings

Try It TuesdayIt’s time to try out some Etsy products, well, an Etsy product like I do every month now. I really quite enjoy writing these posts because I do love Etsy and think it’s a great website, but it’s also good to know what products are worth it and what ones just aren’t as great, though I know I’ll never be able to tell you about all of the Etsy sellers at the same time that means that I’m not really going to run out of things to talk about for this series either. Anyway, last month we talked nail polish and this month its earrings.

IMG_0300 (2)This month is all about this pair of beaded earrings from the Etsy shop lutita and these earrings will run you $33.00 regularly but they do have a lot of sales on this Etsy page. This shop sells tons of other beaded hoop earrings and items, along with a bunch of tassel earrings which I am also super interested in. I personally think that they sell a bunch of really fun and exciting jewelry.

Alright, I guess it is time to start talking about these earrings, I always find it a little bit strange and difficult to talk in depth about jewelry pieces like this but I’m going to try to do this as properly as I can

These earrings are really quite stunning, though I will say they are a little bit larger than I expected which is probably my bad more than anyone else’s because I did not look at the size on the listing. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t too large but they are larger than I had expected them to be. These are still really pretty earrings and they feel very well made, the beading looks very well done and these for sure have some weight to them. I really appreciate the clasps that are on these hoops as well, they feel very secure while also being super easy to close and open, I love the clasps.

Overall, I am really happy with these earrings and am already itching to either by another pair or something else from this shop because these are really beautiful in person, they are interesting and they feel very well made.

What do you think about these hoops?


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Try It Tuesday_Beaded Earrings


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