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Roadtrip: Bristol

Roadtrip_ Bristol

It is officially time to start talking about the places that I went on this road trip, you’ll probably be seeing these posts sprinkled out until sometime in July because I don’t want to just dump them all at once and I want to do them somewhat separate, I haven’t decided if I’m going to so them all by themselves or some of them together, it’ll probably be a little bit of a mix if I’m being honest, but since this is the intro I decided to just do one place so I don’t overwhelm. Let’s start talking about the first leg of our trip.

I’m sure I have mentioned this road trip already, I’ve mentioned it a ton of times by now, I even posted a four-part pack with me series that you can check out. But, even though I’ve mentioned it I wasn’t sure how much I really talked about this trip in detail. We have gone on a two-week road trip across the country, from coast to coast. We’ve stopped a lot of places along the way and I plan on talking a little, or a lot, about each place that we’ve stopped, so that’s what we are doing here today.

Our first stop on this trip was Bristol Tennessee/Virginia, we stayed in Tennessee but we hung out mostly on the Virginia side of things. Bristol may not have been the most exciting place on our list of places to stop, but I still had fun there and enjoyed it, though I really forgot to take a lot of photos of the area because I am a flop, I have a few and I’ll share them at the bottom of this post.

Bristol felt very much like a small town, probably because it is but it is a town that is in two states, a thing that I’ve now realized is actually really common from traveling state to state. Anyway, Bristol was cute and I enjoyed walking around a little bit, the weather was really fantastic and it just felt nice to walk around and look around. We didn’t do a whole lot here, we mostly walked around the downtown-ish area, we had lunch at the Burger Bar which was pretty good, it wasn’t earth-shatteringly good but it was a great diner burger if you ask me. Then we walked down the street to Black Bird bakery which was a fantastic experience, it was really delightful and they had fantastic prices.

The last thing about this area is that it’s actually a really pretty place, I might just love mountains, that is something that I have for sure learned thus far.

Are you guys excited about road trip posts?


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