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Face Mask Friday: I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask

Face Mask Friday_ I Dew CareDisco Kitten Mask

Today it’s time for the last kitten mask, I did the Space Kitten mask last month if you want to check it out. I did buy the trio of these masks and have already done a face mask Friday post about the other two so unsurprisingly and naturally, I have to do the third one in this one, so let’s focus in on this one.

20180504_161957.jpgIt is time for my last kitten mask in this little trio that I picked up, which I know was very much expected to see from me. The Disco Kitten mask, I personally picked mine up from Ulta as I did the others seeing as they were in a set. The full size of this will run you $23.00 and the full size comes with 2.87oz of product in it.

Like the last two in this little trio, I’m going to start out by talking about the packaging of this product a little bit. I do like the packaging alright, it’s not my all-time favorite because it is a tiny bit bulky for what it is but it’s nothing too dramatic. I do love the look of this though, it’s very simple and straightforward, which is nice. It looks very clean and simple which I am a fan of.

20180504_162145.jpgThis face mask is probably the least interesting to look at in the container, it pretty much looks white and has a little bit of a reflective-ness to it, but nothing as fun as the other two. This does look pretty cool on the face though, which you will see the next photo in this post. Also, this mask is shimmery, which I think you guys may have gotten but just in case I wanted to mention that.

This is yet another thing that I have talked about with all three of the others and that is that the reviews say that all of these face masks are really painful to peel off and so far one wasn’t and one was. This one was different and very strange to me. This didn’t really hurt to peel off but this was almost impossible to get all of it off, I don’t know why but I ended up having to wash probably a quarter of this face mask off.


The claims that this face mask makes are that it’s supposed to reveal your brightest and clearest complexion. I’m not sure that it did exactly that but it did do a pretty good job at living up to the claims of bright.

I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect after the last two, have one that was fantastic and one that I just thought was meh. I actually liked the aftermath of the mask more than the last but not as much as the first. I think the peeling on this mask was terrible but I think it left my skin feeling super smooth and really bright, I was super happy about that and think it did it’s job, though I am not sure that I would count it as the clearest skin that I’ve had but that’s alright, I have only used it a few times.

Overall, I really like this face mask, it’s not my favorite that I’ve ever tried but I do like it and think that it makes my skin feel amazing. I would for sure use this again but I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I’m on the fence about it really.


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