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Stitchfix Roadtrip/Summer Lookbook


Yes, it’s already time for another Stitchfix box, I’m not sure if this will be my only summer box from them or not but I do know that I’ve had this idea in my head from the moment we officially planned this trip, I thought this would be fun. This was my inspiration board on Pinterest, in case you were curious to see where they got these picks from. Also, this time around I remembered to keep the paper so I can share the prices and the styles, I also ran out of proper time and ended up doing flat lays for the outfits which I think turned out alright, so now let’s get into checking out these outfits.


This shirt is the piece that’s from stitchfix that I think really inspired this whole post, I saw this shirt in someone else’s blog post and I just had to have it so I am so happy that they sent it to me. This shirt is from On The Road and it’s the Sandspur Tie Front Knit Top, this one will run you $54.00, a little bit steep but I had been thinking about this for a couple months now so I couldn’t pass this one up. I paired this with this cute denim dress that I got from Kohls, this adorable clutch I picked up from Thredup and a pair of Van’s. Status: Kept


Outfit #2 has two pieces in it, the first is the backpack which is from the brand T-Shirt & Jeans and it’s the Layne PomPom Mini Backpack, which is $44.00 and the shorts which are from Sadie & Sage and they are in the style Mimi Short which will run you $34.00.  I paired these two pieces with a pair of sandals that I picked up from Thredup and this top that I got from Old Navy. Status: Sent Both Back.


The piece from Stitchfix is the dress, this is from the brand SUPERFOXX, it’s the Heline Embroidered Shirt Dress and it will run you $54.00. I had such mixed feelings on this dress, for starters it just flat out did not fit at my bust but I could have sized up, my thing about this one was that I thought it was stunning but I wasn’t sure I was going to wear it. Anyway, I kept my picks simple with this dress, a red cardigan from Target, the same sandals from Thred up and a pair of beaded earrings from Etsy. Status: Sent Back.


My last outfit features this off the shoulder gingham print top from Stitchfix, which is from the brand Laju, the style is the Janero Ruffle Sleeve Detail Cotton Top which will run you $58.00. I paired this lovely shirt with a pair of black and white shorts I got off of Amazon, a pair of Etsy earrings and my pair of Vans. Status: Kept.

And those are the four outfits that I came up with from these five pieces, I really did contemplate keeping the whole box this time around but instead only kept the two tops. I hated the backpack, it’s just not exactly my style, I loved the two shirts, I liked the dress but was on the fence about it and honestly the shorts seemed a bit overpriced for what they are, so that left me with just the two items. I did enjoy this box though and think they pretty much hit the nail on the head using my inspiration board.

Do you guys prefer photos like this or me modeling the pieces?


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* While I am affiliated with Stich Fix, there is no incentive for me to be biased in my reviews.


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