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Pack With Me: Backpack

Pack With Me Backpack (2)

And today is the last of my pack with me series and probably the most middle of the road of all four, meaning I don’t think it will be as in-depth as some but also not as lazy as the clothing one. So, keep on reading if you are interested in seeing what I plan on carrying on my person.


Up first is everything that is in the backpack, which isn’t super interested, two bags that I will go into more detail in the next post, a pad and paper, my wallet, a hat and some sunglasses. Pretty basic but the bags hold a lot more stuff in them so let’s get in a little bit of detail of these bags.


Up first is my medicine pack, I have all the things I might need, Advil, lens cloths, band-aids, tums, Neosporin and a bunch of other random things but all things that I think will be super helpful. The only thing I’m really missing is sunblock but I’ve decided not to lug that around everywhere with me, only when I think we’ll need it.


The second bag is a bunch of random things like lotion, lip balms, gum, earbuds, mint and gum, all of the random little things that I would typically carry in my purse but don’t want to be loosely falling about.

And that is pretty much everything that I will be carrying on my body throughout this trip, I do have a clutch that I am also planning on carrying with me in case I am not feeling like lugging this backpack around everywhere I go. I didn’t really add much of anything to this backpack either, so this is pretty accurate when talking about what I’m bringing along.

What are your essentials to bring with you on a trip?


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Pack With Me Backpack (1)


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