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Pack With Me: Clothes

Pack With Me Clothes (2)

This will probably be my shortest and laziest in this short little series, I had plans to make this look a lot nice than it’s going to but I just ran out of time and yes, I am still posting this. I did debate with myself for a little bit whether or not I should post this, but here I am, wanting to give you guys a short little sneak peek of what I’ve packed to wear on this trip.


Let start with shorts and pants, this excludes the pants I will be wearing to travel in so there’s another pair going along. I settled on these two pairs of comfy old navy shorts because they looked like exactly what I would want to wear on this trip, I also packed these really cute black and white shorts that I got off of Amazon and lastly a pair of denim capri pants that are just amazing.


Up next are dresses, I settled on four starting with this cute little denim dress that is so easy and breezy, I really am a huge fan. This simple black dress that you can barely see in this photo, this really comfy palm leaf print dress and lastly this button-up safari dress, as I keep calling it.


Now for tops starting with my gravity falls tee, a super cute navy tee you can barely see, this mustard yellow tank with cutouts, this dark gray tee shirt with a lake scene, a simple pink tank top, a yellow graphic tee and lastly this blue and white striped babydoll tee.


And now some more shirts, this really cute white cactus shirt, this striped blue tank top, this white adventure tee shirt, this white floral tie top, another navy graphic tank and lastly this really adorable black and white plaid shirt.


And lastly the focus is on outerwear, I am bringing my jean jacket with me, this red cardigan because I think it’s a nice pop of color and lastly this heather gray, black and white long cardigan.

I forgot to include shoes and I just didn’t see a point in sharing undergarments and things like that, so I left those out. This is the only part of this packing experience that I didn’t really add anything to that’s not in the post, aside from a shirt and the items mentioned above. I’m super excited to take some great outfit photos and share with you guys here shortly.

Are you guys interested in a road trip lookbook?


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Pack With Me Clothes (1)


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