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Pack With Me: Toiletries

Pack With Me Toiltries (1)

Yesterday we talked all about makeup and today I will be focusing on some toiletries. Just like yesterdays post, I have completely added a few more things than what’s here, I am an over-packer that’s for sure, but like I said yesterday we are traveling by car, so it’s alright to be a bit of an over-packer, right? I think so. Anyway, let’s talk toiletries.

IMG_0291 (2)

Love, Beauty, and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Shampoo & Conditioner – These are my current shampoo and conditioner so I think it makes a lot of sense that I am bringing these along. These are fantastic and I’ve already gone through one or two of the conditioners at this point because it’s just that good.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner – My favorite leave in and a holy grail of mine, so of course it’s coming along with me.

Lush Calacas Shower Gel – My husband and I are sharing one shower gel throughout this trip, so this is what we settled one. If you ever get the chance to get your hands on a bottle of this and you like citrus scents, you should do it immediately. It’s the best.

Lush Maypole Lotion – I’m trying to use lotion more and this one smells amazing, so into the bag for the trip it goes with me. I wish they would make this a core product but alas, they haven’t done that quite yet.

IMG_0292 (2)

Philosophy Purity Facial Wash – This is my go-to face wash, I’ve tried others and I’ll sometimes use them for a while but no matter what I always end up coming back to this one. It’s just so gentle on the skin while also being really effective at removing makeup.

Pixi Glow Tonic – My favorite and go to toner, this is amazing and has to come on the trip with me, of course.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Mist – A product that is in my project pan, something that just feels like it’ll be a nice addition to carry around in the warmth.

Garnier Micellar Water Mini – I carry this around because it’s great for little touch ups with those point cotton swabs, it just makes cleaning up makeup mistakes really easy and if I need extra removal juice then I have this.

Ole Henriksen The Truth Serum – I really just didn’t want to take my full sized serum with me and everyone seems to love this stuff, so I’ve pulled this out of my hoard of samples and decided to take this with me to try out.

Laneige Essential Power Skin Toner – I figured a trip means it’s time to break out some of the small products and get through a few of them, even if it means toting them back with me so I can put them in my empties. That’s totally normal, right?

Laneige Water Bank Essence – I’m not completely sure what this is but I am still excited to give it a shot, I’m pretty sure it’s just a moisturizer essentially but that’s fine with me.

Estee Lauder DayWear – I’ve decided that this travel size will be my moisturizer for the trip because it is small, it’s something that I’ve already started and it just seemed like a good pick to me. So along it goes.

I Dew Care Disco Kitten Mask – Not a surprise but this is my face mask Friday for this month and since I still haven’t tried it before leaving, I’ve decided to try it as we go, plus I wanted to bring along at least one face mask anyway.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Scrub – I just wanted to bring a lipscrub along with me to make sure that I keep my lips soft and in good shape, I settled on this one because I really like the taste plus I’ve already got a dip in it so I’d figured I’d try to get through it a little bit more.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This is hands down one of the best lip products for keeping lips moisturized and soft, I already use it a fair amount at home so it just had to come along with me too.

And those are all of my toiletries, nothing too exciting but I thought it might be nice to share this with you guys. Hopefully, you guys are enjoying these pack with me because I have two more prepared for the next couple of posting days.

What are your travel essentials?


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Pack With Me Toiltries (2)


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