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April 2018 Nail Wrap Up


It is time for my last monthly wrap up post for this month and this month I will not be following this one with a shop my stash post because I just didn’t really want to shop my stash for May since I won’t be here for half of it, which you have probably heard about and honestly will continue to hear about because I am excited and it’s a big trip. Anyway, I did not do as many nail looks this month as I did last month but I still did a pretty good amount and am super excited about them all. Let’s check them out.

April2018 - Ms Sparkle Meraki

Up first is yet another indie brand of nail polish, this is from the brand Ms. Sparkle on Etsy and is in the shade Meraki. I keep calling this my Sailor Venus nail polish because it just looks like Venus themed polish to me. It’s orange, it’s a jelly formula with blue and yellow glitter in it, along with little light orange hearts. I really loved wearing this polish and it actually wore pretty well.

April 20182 - OPI Sun, Sea and Sand in my pants

Up next are some fun and springy bee nails that I attempted to do, these didn’t turn out as terribly as I thought that they were going to but they didn’t turn out great either, I am happy enough with them but I also kind of want to redo these and see if I could do them better. The main polish featured in this one is an OPI polish and is in the shade Sun, Sea and Sand In My Pants. This is such a springy yellow.

April20183 - China Glaze Glamletics and Esssence Intergalatic Adventure

I was up for a little bit of color blocking and also couldn’t decide on a color when I did this mani, I used two polishes, the darker shade is the shade Intergalactic Adventure from the brand Essence and the lighter color is the shade Glamletics from China Glaze. I’m pretty happy with both and would wear both again.

April20184 - LA Girl Fiesty and Eden

This is one of my favorite mani  I’ve done in a long time, it’s fun, festive and springy. I used two polishes from L.A. Girl the pink being Eden and the glitter being the shade Fiesty. I think these look like party nails or maybe even cupcake nails, either way, I really loved these and can’t easily see myself rocking this combination again.

And those are the four polish combinations that I wore over the month of April, I actually had a fair amount of time


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