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April 2018 Empties


Last month my empties were pretty average but this month is going to be a little bit disappointing because I just didn’t get to use up as many products as I typically do, I’m not sure why but I guess I was just slacking this month. I do have a few things this month to share but it’s really not that many.


Garnier Micellar Waterproof Cleansing Towelettes – These are a staple in my routine, these are pretty much the only makeup remover I used now and these are my favorites. I also think I have a package of these in almost every empties, so it is probably no surprise to see these or to here that I love them. Repurchase: Of course, already have some.

The Body Shop Satsuma Exfoliation Body Polish – I really enjoyed using this in the morning, it really pepped me up and got me going, however I don’t really think that I need to have an exfoliating product for everyday use, not that it irritated my skin or anything I just probably don’t need this. Anyway, I liked this and love this smell. Repurchase: Maybe.

Bath & Bodyworks Limoncello Candle – I always hated the smell of this one but my husband was really into it and once it’s lit I actually really like it, so on cold sniff, it’s not for me but once it’s warmer I love it. Repurchase: Probably.

Laniege Water Bank Moisture Cream  – This is just a little moisturizer sample if you’ve been around a little while it’s probably pretty clear that I really like moisturizers and samples of them, so I typically have sample moisturizers in my empties almost every month. This month was this one and I really quite enjoyed this one, didn’t have a ton of smell and felt super moisturizing on the skin. Repurchase: Probably.

Mac Fix + Spray in Coconut: Another product that is no surprise that is here, I don’t go through these insanely fast but I do use this with every look and am constantly talking about it, so no surprises here that I have finished this up. I’m actually really impressed with how far this mini went but I’m happy about it because it means I have to purchase it less. Repurchase: I already have another one ready for me.

And those are the five items that I finished up this month, which is a really sad number but I’m just glad that I made it through a few products. I love trying things out and I love buying new products, but sometimes that means I hoard more than I would like to own up to, so getting through them is something that I am really happy to do, even if it’s only a few at a time.

Have you guys been using up products this past month?


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