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April 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

Lifestyle Favorites

Now that we’ve wrapped up April and we’ve gone over my makeup favorites, it is time to focus on all of the random things that I have been loving during the month of April. Check out last months here, if you are interested and now let’s get into all the random little things that I was loving this month.

I don’t know what it was entirely but The Falconer trilogy really sucked me in this month, I read all three books over the course of like five days tops. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve really been sucked into a series and I would recommend this one, I quite enjoyed it.

Another thing I have been loving is my new desk, I recently got a couple sets of the smaller Alex drawers from Ikea and a desktop and I am in love. I am loving having all of my makeup at my fingertips and being able to pick out whatever I want to wear.

I’ve been eating a bunch of Sunkist fruit gems because I am a person who very much enjoys those.

I’ve really been loving the warmer weather when it comes around but I also think that it hasn’t been around nearly enough, at least not if you ask me.


And that’s my playlist for this month, you can jam to it here because it’s a great playlist like it always it, maybe a tiny bit random but aren’t they always? I think that’s the only consistent thing with these playlists is that they are all pretty random.

Anyway, those are all of my random favorites and yet again, I really need to start writing things down so I don’t forget things, but I’m not sure that I’m ever going to remember to do that. But, that’s fine, I’m doing alright with these I think.

Anything in April that you guys were really loving?


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April 2018 Random Favorites


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