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April 2018 Favorites + Face

To all cool dads out there,

Last months favorites were a little bit more fun than this months, but I like both because sometimes I like to be fun and colorful and other times I like to be a little bit on the boring side of things. Another thing about this month is that I don’t have any unfavorites to share and I have also decided to just share a look that I did that I loved most this month instead of putting together a face that feels like it represents the month, so let’s just get on into some slightly new things.


Maybelline Super Stay Foundation – I’ve been trying this out since it was my foundation pick for the month and I actually really like this one, I don’t think I’ve tried too many foundations that I just didn’t like, so it’s not too surprising. Though I do currently really like this one.

Glossier Balm Dotcom Birthday – This might just be a holy grail product at this point, I really love this stuff, it’s super moisturizing, it smells amazing and it leaves a subtle shimmer on the lips. I just love this stuff.

e.l.f. Color Everything Concealer in Corrective Yellow – I don’t have terribly bad undereye bags but this really does a great job of concealing them and lasts pretty well, I’m really satisfied with this product and especially so for two dollars.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss in Rapture – This is new to me but I knew I would love it the second I got my hands on it, it’s not the perfect lipgloss but it is pretty close other than being a bit too sticky for my taste. I love this color though, it’s a really fantastic your lips but better color.

Wet ‘N Wild MegaSlim Waterproof Skinny Mascara – This has become a staple in my routine as my bottom lash mascara, I never put mascara on the bottom lashes ever hardly but now I am doing it constantly because of this mascara.

Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara – This is my current favorite mascara and I think this may have even replaced the roller lash, maybe, I’m not sure but I do really like this one.

NYX Matte Liquid Liner – This is a really recent favorite and I was reminded I had this by a friend and had to play with this some more, it’s really fantastic, it’s dark black, dries matter and is a lot easier to use than I remember so I am very much into it.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze in 01 – This is just such an easy bronzing product, I had always heart that about this bronzer but after trying it I can say with certainty that it really is easy to apply without looking too overly done.


I have decided on this photo just because I liked it best, this is something that I recreated that I did a while ago and love and I really love this one too. All the shades I used to do this eye were from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil, which is a handy little palette to have when you are looking for some color. I am super happy with this look and would totally rock it another day somewhere, I’m just not sure where, but I would.

And those are all of my makeup favorites from April, a pretty good mix of great staple products and some new things that I am loving, nothing too out there though except for my makeup pick of the month which was super fun.

What have you guys been loving this month?


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April 2018


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