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Why April 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Why April Was Awesome

Yes, another month has ended, I’m kind of glad because I am tired of rain and hoping that May brings some damn sunshine into my life. This year hasn’t started flying by yet, April was the first month that felt like a normal month this year though, it didn’t drag on and on forever. Anyway, since it’s the end of yet another month that means that it is time to get wrapping up this month like I do every month.

I feel like this month is the first time in a while that I have felt like I have anything remotely interesting to share with you guys. This month started off with my husbands birthday which meant a four day weekend for us, which is always a fantastic way to start off a new month if you ask me. And because of the time of we had time to just lounge around and we went bowling and mini golfing and ate a bunch, so really we just had a nice relaxing time.

The next point of interest was the weekend of the fourteenth, my husband decided to surprise me by flying my best friend in for the weekend, which was super fun. I move to Virginia a couple years ago and she still lives in Florida, so we don’t really see each other a ton anymore but we do talk and skype a bunch, which is nice but seeing each other in person is just better.

We had a fun weekend full of eating, the ridiculous Yankee Candle store that is in Williamsburg, eating and really just hanging out. I think this was something that I really needed and hadn’t realized how much I really needed it until it came along, so I am really happy that happened.

And wrapping up the end of this month was a lot of preparation for our trip that is coming up here very shortly. So, that really means a lot of packing, a lot of blog planning and blog post writing, which has been a wee bit stressful but totally worth it to keep up with my schedule and be able to have a peaceful trip and not have to worry about it unless I want to.


Now to talk about goals, starting with my wrap up of my goals from last month. I did okay with my goals from last month, I didn’t accomplish them all but I did alright. I didn’t schedule my wisdom teeth extraction because I am a scaredy cat and will never do it, I did pretty well at getting back into working out, still not on a great schedule but have been playing a lot of tennis and really trying. I am three books ahead of schedule, if not more, so I am really happy about that one. My no buy/low buy went terribly in terms of makeup, I have really purchased anything outside of makeup but I have done some damage this month. So overall, I did okay with my goals but not great. Now, onto goals for the month.

Four Books Ahead Of Schedule: I don’t think this one will be hard because I have two weeks off that I will be spending a fair amount of time in a car, so I think it should be pretty easy. At this point, I just want to see when I will finish my goal for the year.

Keep Working Out While On Vacation: Maybe not as hard or as much, but I am hoping to keep up with doing some form of working out aside from a ridiculous amount of walking that I am sure we will be doing.

I’m gonna keep my goals really small this month because I won’t be around for half of it so I don’t really want to give myself anything too difficult to focus on in terms of goals.

How did April treat you guys?


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