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Road trip 2018 Wishlist

Roadtrip Wishlist

Yesterday I mentioned my road trip that’s coming up, which I think is something that I’ve mentioned a few times here and there but I’m counting this as me really announcing it and as my first post in what I am sure is going to be a long series that I will be doing multiple posts on over the course of the summer, mostly to not bombard you guys with my trip. Basically, my husband and I are going on our honeymoon, finally, and we have decided to take a road trip cross country that I am super jazzed about and hopefully will be equally excited about once it’s over. I just wanted to pop in today and do a kind of introduction and a bit of a wishlist of the places I really want to see.

Bristol, Tennessee:

I am not super excited about Bristol if I’m being honest so the main thing I am excited about is popping into this bakery there.

Nashville, Tennessee:

I am more excited to go here than I am a lot of the places we are going. Some of my gotta see things are Jeni’s Ice Cream because ice cream, which I think is reason enough. The Parthenon because it seems really cool and like an interesting thing to see and Hattie B, because I don’t know what hot chicken is but this seems like the place to do it from what I’ve seen.

Little Rock, Arkansas: 

I’m really on the fence about my first wishlist item for this place because it seems a little weird but they have a purse museum and while it sounds weird it also sounds interesting. Pinnacle mountain park is something else on my list because it looks super pretty and it’s something my husband is looking forward to.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I think I really want to take a stop in Oklahoma City Museum of Art just because. I also have my eye Pie Junkie, which I hear has the best pie in the state and Whiskey Cake looks like a good stop too.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: 

I can’t lie, the first thing I am super jazzed about here is Buffalo Exchange, I’ve never been to one and I’ve heard so many people talk about it that I am hella excited about going to one. I have some interest in the Sandia Peak Tram as well and my last pick is probably the Albuquerque Museum.

This is the part during the trip where we stop in Flagstaff and then go to the Grand Canyon, which is hands down the most exciting part of this trip.

San Diego, California:

I think the most exciting thing and probably the most obvious thing is the Pacific Ocean which I am super excited to see. I’m also excited about Salt & Straw, I’ve heard good things plus ice cream. And lastly the Liberty Public Market, there are a bunch more things too.

Tucson, Arizona:

The Desert Museum is pretty interesting if you ask me, so that is for sure on the list. Yet another ice cream place is being added to this list and that is Isabella’s Ice Cream and I think the last thing to round out this list is Prep + Pastry.

El Paso, Texas:

The first thing is Kiki’s Resturant because of course, I have to get Mexican food here, it just seems obvious. I am also very much interested in checking out the Rose Garden there.

Dallas, Texas:

I am interested in checking out the Dallas Art Museum, yes, another art museum. I am also interested in checking out Rise, which is a souffle restaurant and intrigues me. I am also kind of interested in Ten Ramen because never had proper ramen and why not?

Memphis, Tennessee:

This might be another one of those places that I am just no jazzed about but I am excited about eating some BBQ. 

Knoxville, Tennessee: 

I think my first thing here is the Sunsphere, it just seems really interesting to me. I have got to stop at the Buttermilk Sky Pie shop because pies, which I personally think is a good enough reason. I am also interested in the Wild Love Bakehouse for the same reason, I just like baked goods and I can take some home from this stop.

As you can probably tell I am very excited to just see things and eat my way across the country, it sounds super fun because I like food and I like pretty places, so hopefully, I can knock a few of these things off my list, or probably more and have a fun time. There are also other places between places that I have looked into but I’m not one hundred percent sure what we’ll be getting up to yet, these are just the main things I am super excited for.

Is there anything that I may have missed in these places that you guys think is a must?


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Roadtrip Wishlist


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