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Dupe: Subculture Vs. Retro Love Palettes


It’s time for my month dupe post, last month was all about lipsticks and this month we are focusing on an eyeshadow palette, the Subculture palette and it’s opponent the Retro Love palette. I have another dupe for the subculture palette but have decided to go with this one for the month and save the other one for another day, just so I’m not overwhelming you guys with subculture dupes. Let’s get comparing.

Subculture vs. retrolove (3)

The two things I will be putting up against one another are the Subculture palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which will run you $42.00 for 14 different eyeshadow shades and its opponent is the Retro Love palette from Bad Habit Beauty which will run you $10.00 for 14 different eyeshadow shades. I think it is pretty clear that the Retro Love palette is supposed to be a dupe of the Subculture palette, even though they mixed up the colors on the inside these shades look exactly the same. The packaging doesn’t, though they are similarly colored, the packaging is very much different. The Subculture has a texture to it whereas the Retro Love does not, the Retro Love is also slimmer and the pans look larger, so the packaging is pretty different and honestly I prefer the Retro Love because I hate that velvety feel that Anastasia palettes have.

Subculture vs. retrolove (1)

Now it is time to get into talking about things that actually matter when talking about dupes, like the color match, where, application and all of that good stuff. I guess I will start out with color matching, which you can see swatched of both palettes to the right of this photo. Which one do you think is the real one and the dupe? Well, I’ll tell you, the left side is the Subculture and the right is the Retro love. They are pretty much spot on dupes for one another, the only real differences I can see are in the shimmer shades, which the Retro love palette does a lot better in. At least swatch wise they are a lot better than the Subculture.

Subculture vs. retrolove (2)Let’s play the guessing game again, which eye do you think is which? Once again, I won’t leave you hanging and I will tell you, my left eye, which is the right side in the photo, is the Subculture palette. I had to snap a photo with the palettes so I didn’t forget because to me these eyes look nearly identical, color wise they are I think, application wise I could have done a little bit better but that’s more of me thing than it is the eyeshadows.

Now, I guess all that’s really left to talk about is the application of these eyeshadows which is where the dupey-ness of them runs out. These do not perform the same but they both are a little bit tricky to apply. The subculture palette is very pigmented and does take a while to properly blend out, but once it does it usually looks pretty good. On the other hand, the Retro Love takes a little bit of building up to really get that color payoff that I was looking for, which was a little bit surprising considering how well it swatched. Neither are impossible just both a little bit difficult.

And that is my whole dupe post, overall I think these are pretty good dupes and honestly, you can save your pennies and just purchase the cheaper of the two if you just have to have the Subculture palette.

What other dupes would you guys like to see tested?


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SubcultureVs.Retro Love


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