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Face Mask Friday: I Dew Care Space Kitten Exfoliating Galatic Black Peel-Off Mask

To all cool dads out there,

Face mask Friday has rolled around again, a really fun post that I now write every month and have really debated doing more frequently but as per usual, I can never really make up my mind. Either way, we are back with a new Face Mask Friday post, last month was all about Sugar Kitten and this month it’s all about Space Kitten, so let’s jump right on in and get started on talking about this one.


Last month was all about this one’s sister but this month it is all about the Space Kitten Mask from the brand I Dew Care and I personally picked mine up at Ulta, the full size will run you $23.00 there and will get you 2.87 oz of product, the same amount as last months face mask and what I would still consider a fair amount of face mask for the price.

I picked this mask to focus on for this month mostly because of my choice for last month and now I have three of these little minis, so next month I will probably do the last kitten mask to really round out the trio.

I am going to start by talking about the packaging, I like this packaging just like the other one but I also think that this jar feels like a big of wasted packaging, nothing too much but it does feel like too much. I like how clean and easy this packaging looks, just a black jar with white writing on it.

20180402_181619.jpgI’m not sure how I feel about this whole glitter in face masks thing, there is part of me that is really into it because glitter and the other part of me thinks it’s kind of stupid because why does one need glitter in a face mask? I’m not sure but I know a bunch of brands are doing it.

Anyway, the appearance of this mask isn’t really exciting to me, it’s a little bit creepy even, it’s just a dark black liquid with silver glitter in it that you smear all over your face, something that I am just not excited about.

I mentioned this with the last one but I wanted to say this again, I did read the reviews for these face masks and saw a lot of people saying they hurt to remove, and while that wasn’t true for the Sugar Kitten one it is true for this one. This face mask hurt me to remove, it wasn’t the worst thing I have ever felt but it did hurt and it really didn’t even leave my face feeling as smooth as the other one did.

20180402_182333.jpgThis mask claims exfoliate skin, absorb impurities and control sebum to reveal a noticeably brighter complexion, which I did not notice. I have only tried this mask a couple of times now but I didn’t really notice much of a difference after either use, other than the fact that it hurt my skin, which once again wasn’t the worst but it did not feel good either. I might try this another time or two to really see if it goes anything, meaning I’ll probably use up the little sample size that I have but as of right now I’m just not impressed with this face mask because it did not do anything for my skin, immediately or the following day.

The last thing that I think I want to mention is the smell, just to get that shoved in this post as well just so I don’t leave anything out. I don’t think this has a whole lot of a smell to it, it mostly smells clean and fresh, nothing super strong but nothing terribly offensive either.

Overall, I do not like this face mask, I feel like I don’t often say that I flat out don’t like a product but I just can’t get into this mask, it hurts and it just didn’t do anything for my skin. It didn’t even look interesting on the skin like the last one did, this one was just black with some glitter in it, nothing really exciting about it. So, as a whole, I don’t think this mask is anything to run out and grab.

Have you tried this face mask yet?


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