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Review: Lush Rocket Science Bath Bomb

Lush Rocket Bath BombReview

I am here today with another bath bomb review, today I will be talking about the Rocket Science bath bomb from Lush, as they always are. I am really excited to finally talk about this one because I have been sitting on this one for too long and this is a fun bath bomb. Let’s get into it.

20180210_164515This is the Rocket Science bath bomb from Lush and it will run you $5.95. This bath bomb is vegan and features ingredients such as Sicilian Lemon Oil and Bergamot oil. So, somewhat unsurprisingly this bath bomb is citrus scented, I love citrus scents along with the fact that I think Lush love citrus scents as well, they come out with citrus scents all the time, which I would guess is because it’s a really popular scent family.

Anyway, let’s talk about this bath bomb a little more in depth, starting with talking about the appearance of this bath bomb. As you can see this is one of the more interesting looking Lush bath bombs, at least if you ask me I think it’s pretty cute. I really like that they are coming out with more interestingly shaped bath bombs, I think it’s a new fun added element to it. As you might guess by the photo and the name of this bomb, this one looks like a rocket ship that’s blasting off, it’s very fun.

20180210_164640Now to talk a little bit about the appearance of this bath bomb in the water. I will say this one, while it’s cute and interesting on the outside, once it hits the water I don’t really think it’s that fun. This does have popping candy in the bath bomb and I am always disappointed in the popping candy because I never notice it, never even the faintest of sounds with this one, which is not what I expect when they say popping candy.

The other thing is that once it hits the water the color is very predictable, which I personally don’t mind at all because the color is very pretty, but if you are looking for something that is really interesting once it hits the water or gives a good ‘show’ this bath bomb might not be for you. It will just turn your water into this really lovely blue shade that you see and will see more of in the next photo.

20180210_165108I guess we will talk about how this feels in the tub next since we’ve gone over color and are talking about how it performs in the water. All bath bombs from Lush that I have ever tried are somewhat luxurious feeling in the bath, I just think that’s how they are supposed to be but some are more relaxing or moisturizing than others, this is not one of them. The Rocket science bath bomb does leave my skin feeling softer than it did when I got in and does feel silky in the water but it’s a pretty standard feel if you ask me.

And the last thing to talk about it probably the best part of bath bombs, the scent. I mentioned above that this has a citrus scent, which it does but I don’t think that it has the most typical citrus kind of scent to it because I don’t think it hits you in the face with the citrus scent, I think it’s much softer and has a sweeter note to it. This scent is not my favorite citrus scent but I do like it.

Overall, I do like the Rocket Science bath bomb but it’s not my favorite and I’m not sure that I would personally pick one up again, it’s like if I were gifted one I would use it but I wouldn’t buy it myself again. I also think this is a really great addition in the range for Children, I think they would be really interested in it because it is rocket shaped, it’s just not my personal favorite.

Favorite Lush bath product?


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Lush RocketBath BombReview


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