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Try It Tuesday: Polish Me Silly

Try It Tuesday_

Somehow I am very good at being organized and planning things out while simultaneously being terrible at it, not that most people would know that without me telling them. I had another product I wanted to test out today instead of this nail polish this month but I didn’t get around to finishing it, so instead, we will be talking about this lovely polish from Polish Me Silly.

20180407_153713For today’s Etsy try it I am featuring a polish from Polish Me Silly in the shade Mermaid Tears, which will run you $10.50. This polish is also a thermal polish, meaning it’s different colors when it’s hot versus when it’s cold, which I think is really quite interesting and I was very excited about trying. So, if not already clear this is my very first thermal nail polish.

When you’re warm this is a really fun and bright limey kind of color but when you get cold it’s like the shade in the bottle, a darker more blue kind of green. This polish also has glitter in it, not a ton but it does have some. It has some blue micro-shimmer, some slightly larger pieces and more sporadically it has larger round pieces of glitter, which I quite like.

March20183As you can see the real magic of this nail polish is when it’s between getting warm or getting cold and it’s a little bit of both, it looks like the most perfect ombre.

I guess the next thing that I really want to go over is the formula of this polish, I have tried other polishes from this brand now and they aren’t up for review today, but because of trying out multiple I can say this with some confidence. I think these nail polishes have one of the best formulas that I have come across in a while.

This polish goes on really even and smoothly, none of them have needed more than three coats but this one only took two. The most impressive part to me of nail polish to me was how well it lasted on the nails. Typically polish chips on me pretty easily but these stayed without chips for at least three or four days before starting to chip and that was the way it was with all three that I’ve tried thus far. So that was a really impressive thing for me personally.

Overall, I think these are actually really fantastic nail polishes, they are pretty interesting as well and they just last really well. Along with those things, they are also an indie brand which is something that I like, it’s nice to support smaller businesses and especially so when the product is fantastic.


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Try It Tuesday


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