Spring 2018 Anti-Haul


I am here today with an Anti-Haul, something that I think it a welcome thing to talk about since I have been doing some serious hauling, which you guys will see shortly. But for today it is time to talk about some of the things that I just will not be purchasing, let’s just jump right on into it.


Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection – I’m not going lie, there is a small little part of me that is six years old and really loves the overall look of this collection but when taking a further look at it none of this stuff seems all that practical, I mean I like colorful and glitter as much as the next person but everything in this line kind of seems like it’s aimed at children and I don’t really like that. So, I will be passing on this collection.

Image result for anastasia soft glam

Anastasia Soft Glam Palette – I have not been excited about this one at all, there was a brief moment this week when I was looking at someone’s review of it and was like I have to have it, but upon further inspection, I am back to not really finding that I need this one. These colors are just not exciting to me, they are typical and boring, this palette also has four shades that the Modern Renaissance has I believe and I don’t like that. I love the Anastasia palettes I have but I am just not excited about this one.


Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette – I wasn’t interested in the full-sized palette and I am not interested in the smaller size either. The first two shades seem nearly the same, I am just not interested in warm, orangey shades at this point and this palette doesn’t get me excited.

Image result for urban decay lightbeam palette

Urban Decay Light Beam Palette – Another Urban Decay palette with warm orange shades, I have seen this picture a few times but I am just not excited about it. Maybe my feelings will change once some swatches are released but for now, I am just not interested in these little warm palettes.

Image result for face candy smoothie

Face Candy Smoothie Palette – I don’t think it’s a commonly known thing, but I also don’t think it’s really a secret that I actually really love the shophush app. I just like affordable makeup and they sell really nice dupes typically, so I am a fan. However, the newest palette up on the app is just so boring and uninspiring to me. In the pans half of these shades barely look different and then it randomly gets very dark, it’s just really confusing to me and I don’t like it.

Glossier Lid Stars – I haven’t tried a whole lot of products from Glossier if I am being honest and I have loved everything that I’ve tried from them thus far, even if it’s only a couple things. I am just not interested in these though, the packaging is too simple and looks a bit on the cheap side of things along with the fact that I am not interested in the product, they seem really sheer and boring and I’m just not excited about the idea of these.

Image result for tarte mermaid brushes

Tarte Minutes to Mermaid Brush Set – I love mermaids but these brushes from Tarte are just so unappealing to me, not only do I think they look kind of dumb I also think these look like they would be uncomfortable to hold. I just don’t understand this weirdly shaped handle trend thing, just give me something that is easy to hold and kind of looks interesting if you have to do something with the appearance.

And those are all of the things that I could come up with to feature in this Anti-Haul. I really need to start writing down the products that I want to include in these types of posts because everytime I sit down to write one of these I blank and spend a couple of hours searching for products that I just don’t think hit the mark of things that I want to invest in. These are all things I’m not interested in but these took me a little bit to compile.

What’s on your anti-wishlist?


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Spring 2018


5 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Anti-Haul

  1. Lol that too faced collection has been on every spring anti haul I’ve seen, including mine! I feel you on the petite heat palette as well.
    I’ve never heard of that smoothie palette, it reminds me of the too faced white peach palette which was also uninspiring to me.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Too Faced collection & Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette were on my anti haul too! I also agree that the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is boring & those Tarte brushes look so weird!

    Liked by 1 person

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