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Lush Thundersnow Bath Bomb Review


Time for another Lush review, this bath bomb was from the Christmas range last year but I still wanted to review it and talk about this bath bomb because I really liked it, plus maybe it’ll come back in future years and I’ll already have this post ready to go. So let’s talk about thundersnow.


20180104_183425This is the Thundersnow bath bomb, I think it looks a little bit like a little planet which I personally think is adorable.

This bath bomb is vegan, it ran about $7 and came out during the Holiday season of 2017, hopefully, it will be coming back again this year because I quite enjoyed this bath bomb.

Alright, I think we will start by talking about the scent of this product, just to get that out of the way first. I like this scent and I think this scent is a bit out of the ordinary for Lush scent I think. This has a minty scent to it and I don’t think I’ve smelled a lot of other Lush scents that have that minty scent to it. I know they intergalactic all year round but I don’t think this one even resembles that one except for the minty factor.

This minty scent has a sweetness to it and also a creaminess to it that I don’t think intergalactic has, which is probably while I like it more.

20180104_183848The mint in this isn’t as strong either, it’s a lot more creamy, which probably comes from the cocoa absolute that is in this bomb, it makes it a sweet and creamier scent, really rounds out the mint if you ask me. I have a few of these that I have stockpiled and I’m really hoping that they bring this little guy back.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the appearance of this bomb, you can see the exterior of it untouched in the photo above, it has swirls of green and blue and I really think it looks like a planet, maybe even a little bit like a slightly like a strange earth, but not exactly of course.

Unsurprisingly when you drop this one in the water it spits out swirls of green, blue and white, it’s very pretty and I think it’s pretty interesting, not the most exciting bath bomb ever but not boring either. It ends up turning the bath water a blue shade, which you will get a chance to see in the photo below.

20180104_184326See, it ends up turning the water a light blue kind of shade, this looks a lot like the color of a Golden Wonder bath if you’ve ever used one of those just without the glitter, there is no glitter in this one so if you hate glitter then this one could be a good match for you.

Now, the last thing I typically try and talk about is the feel of the bath bomb in the water once it has completely dissolved. I think all bath bombs feel soft and really help soften the skin, but some are a little bit better at it than others and I think this is one of those. It’s not as moisturizing and nourishes to the skin as some other products I’ve used, like the melts or the bomb melts, but it’s pretty high up there for a bath bomb. I left the bath feeling soft and pretty hydrated, which during the winter months is a really fantastic thing, as that is what I am looking for.

So, it is safe to say that overall I really quite like this bath bomb and really am hoping to see it reappear this winter, which I may have already mentioned one or two times. This bomb is minty, sweet and moisturizing, which is a wonderful trio if you ask me.

Did you get a chance to try these when they were in the store?


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