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Spring Modcloth Wishlist

Mod Cloth Wishlist

I know, I did a spring fashion wishlist not too long ago, but I ended up doing that one solely focused on Target and now I’m doing one solely focused on Mod Cloth. I like the idea of doing these this way now kind of, but at the same time I like a mix of things as well, so really what I am saying is that I like all of the things and will continue to mix it up. For today, I am focused on one site and that is Mod Cloth, a place that I haven’t shopped nearly enough and a place that I really love and need to shop more from. Let’s get into what’s on my huge loves list.

Modcloth Wishlist #2

Collectif x MC Whimsical by Weekend Fit & Flare Dress – $89.00 – Oh my gosh, I love this dress so much! There are a bunch of things on the list so I know there is no way I will ever end up with all of them, but this is probably in my top three items I want yesterday. This dress is super fun and springy and I think everyone knows I love stripes, so it is safe to say that I am drooling over this one.

Charming Cotton Skirt with Pockets in Gingham – $65.00 – This is another item that I am very much into, the second item in my top three items that I really want to have in my closet like right now. I am very much into gingham right now, as are a lot of people I’m guessing since I am seeing it everywhere I go, I just think it’s really adorable and this skirt is very cute while also being very simple.

Zest Believe It Cardigan – $49.00 – I am going on a road trip here shortly and I think that has really made me super interested in cactus items, which is where this pick came from, plus I just think this cardigan is really adorable. I think this is fun without being too childish or obnoxious and I love the base color of it.

Saucer You Can’t Refuse Tee – $25.00 – This is just a simple really cute tee that I also feel like really fits into my while road trip loving vibe right now.

Daylight Dip One-Piece Swim Suit – $79.00 – This swimsuit is really adorable, I love the nautical look to it and I really like how interesting the design itself is.

Everyday Fave Tank Top in Dotted Black – $35.00 – This is another simple item but something that I think is rather adorable, I like polka dots and don’t wear them enough so this would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Also, I really like the collar on this, it adds a little something.

Sweetness Achieved Floral Mini Dress – $79.00 -The last thing in this photo is this floral dress, as most people probably know I really like floral as well and I think this is cute with the little chest cut out. The only thing that scares me off a little bit is the fact that it’s a mini dress, I am far too old to be wearing short mini dresses I think.

Modcloth Wishlist #3

Splash It Out One-Piece Swimsuit in Pine – $119 – I think this bathing suit is really cute and interesting, even if it would give me terrible tan lines. The other thing about this is that is so expensive, but I can still admire it and think that it’s really cute, right?

Let Joy In Peplum Top in Cornflower Stripes – $29.00 – This is right up my alley, I love this color, I love the style and I love the fact that it has stripes on it. This top just looks really comfy and cozy.

Hell Bunny Nostalgic Awe A-Line Skirt in Illustrated Floral – $69.00 – I think this skirt is really cute and makes a bit of a statement, it’s bright and bold and I like that about it. I like the soft floral pattern and the mix of bold colors, it makes an interesting combination if you ask me.

Optimistic Essence Peplum Top – $45.00 – Oh the stripes, you will always see stripes on my wishlist and it will always be that way. This top is a cute little peplum, which is a style that I really like and I think the little bow and cut out is adorable.

Travel Sprightly Midi Dress in Navy Blossom – $65.00 – This dress feels so grown up to me but I kind of like that, even though I am completely a 24-year-old child. I love floral patterns and I like that this floral pattern is larger and I like the yellow on navy, I just think it’s a really great combination together.

Just This Sway Trimmed Midi Skirt in Navy Stripe – $59.00 – This skirt is simple but I think that the little white stripe on the bottom of it makes it a little bit more interesting than your standard navy blue midi skirt. I just like things that feel nautical aswell and I think that’s the vibe that this skirt gives off.

Compania Fantastica Admiration in Action Pull Over Sweater – $59.00 – This is the only item I debated, not because I don’t like it but because it is spring but I decided to include it because I thought that the colors were fun and it’s still a little bit cold here some days, it really goes back and forth so this still fits into spring picks for me personally.

Modcloth Wishlist #4

Somewhere Beyond The Seashells Belt – $15.00 – Yes, this looks like I’m still talking about clothes but I promise that I’m not, this one is all about the belt. I don’t typically wear belts anymore but I think that this one is just too adorable to not talk about, it’s very little mermaid and I love that about it.

Do Your Tart Statment Necklace – $29.00 – I’m not much one for statement necklaces but this was is so fun and citrusy, I could totally see myself rocking this during the spring and summer time because it’s just so fun.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Poppy Bag in Mustard – $235.00 – This is so expensive but it’s so pretty, this is something that I would never purchase but I can still admire and drool over a little bit.

Harmonious Harvest Statement Necklace in Mint – $25.00 – I think this is so pretty and fancy, I’m not sure when or where I would ever wear this but it’s something else that I just think is really pretty.

One Way Or A Threader Earrings – $15.00 – For some reason earrings like this always confuse me because of the chain, I realize how they work but it throws me off. Anyway, I think these are simple but adorable.

Somewhere To Bee Pendant Necklace – $15.00 – I love bees, this is the final item that rounds out my top three favorites because I really love bees. I think this necklace is very simple but very interesting due to the design of it. I just really like this.

There’s A Map For That Necklace – $19.00 – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this necklace for years but was never really able to pinpoint where to get one, the time has come though as I have found one, not sure if I’m going to pick it up or not but I found it and I still think it’s interesting.

Happy Happenings Hoop Earrings – $15.00 – I have been loving hoops recently and these are really simple yet pretty damn adorable I think, so here they are, on my wishlist.

Modcloth Wishlist #1

Just Splashing Through Rain Boot – $69.00 – I do not own rainboots but I am a little bit obsessed with the idea of them and I really love this shade of yellow, as most of you would be able to tell by now. I just think these are really cute and love that they aren’t full-length rainboots.

Chelsea Crew Unforgettably Embroidered Block Heel  – $95.00 – I never wear heels but if I’m going for a heel I typically like blocky heels that are shorter, I’m just not a huge fan of tall ones. I think these are really adorable and interesting without being too over the top.

Strappy Camper Sandal in White – $99.00 – I have a pair that looks kind of like these but they for sure are not name brand. I hear these are supposed to be super comfortable and I am interested.

Chelsea Crew Excellent Point T-Strap Sandal – $59.00 – The gingham has returned in these shoes and this time it’s red, something that I’m not sure I’ve featured before. These are just adorable and perfect for the upcoming seasons I think, something that I am very jazzed about and I think these would make a fun addition.

A Pace in the Sun Embroidered Heel – $55.00 – These heels are also rather cute and really check all of the boxes for things that I love in heels, they aren’t super distracting but are somewhat interesting, they aren’t too high of heels either and are just really cute.

Supercharged With Charm Peep Toe Flat – $49.00 – These look like the epitome of spring shoes to me, they just look like a pair of shoes that one would wear to a garden party if I did that sort of thing I would be all over these.

B.A.I.T. Footwear Shimmer Down Now T-Strap Heel in Blue Glitter – $69.00 – And the last item on this list is something that I would probably never wear but something that I would love to wear if I weren’t me, glitter heels. These are so pretty and perfect, I really just love these.

And those are all of the items that I’m at least mildly drooling over on the Mod Cloth website, if it weren’t for the fact that I am trying to stick to a low buy it might be time for a little haul but I am trying to save money so maybe sometime in the future I will actually bite the bullet and really try out some clothing pieces from the site. But, alas, for now I am just focused on browsing and making lists like this.

Would you guys like to see another fashion wishlist?


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