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March 2018 Nail Wrap Up

Nail Wrap Up

Last month I really failed at doing my nails, I really didn’t try out that many polishes and just had boring regular nails most of the month because of that. This month I really wanted to knock it out of the park and play with some polish, i was feeling inspired and honestly, I am still feeling inspired so we’ll see what April holds for me in terms of nails. Let’s get into tackling March though.


I can’t express how actually sparkly this holo polish is, this is probably the sparkliest holo polish that I have ever used and it has an amazing formula.  This is the shade Chasing Rainbows from the brand Polish Me Silly. Their polishes have some of the best formulas I have ever used and I am in love.


Another polish from Polish Me Silly, this is the shade Mermaid Tears. I saw this on Instagram and knew that I had to have this in my collection, it’s my first color changing nail polish and it’s really just stunning, I love both shades, I think it’s really interesting and I think the wear of this polish is just great.


This is the last polish from Polish Me Silly that I have used this month, this is the shade Go Go Green. This is another color changing polish that really reminds me of the sea and I really love this one, like the last two that I mentioned this also has a really fabulous formula and is pretty long wearing for a nail polish to me.


Up next is this really gorgeous red sparkly polish, this is from the brand Superchic Laquer in the shade Cherub. I thought this was a really fun and cute nail polish that feels a little like a twist on a classic red.


I think this color is one of the strangest colors that I have ever seen, mostly because when I saw this on instagram I was like oh, this is a really pretty deep bubble gum type color, in person it looks like a really pretty soft light pink and in this photo it is straight up peach, it’s weird if you ask me. This is the L.A. Colors polish in Bubblegum.


These are my favorite nails from the month and honestly my favorite nails that I’ve done in a little while now, it’s really cute and festive for spring and I just love it. This features the Ms. Sparkle nail polish in the shade Bubbles. I love this one.

And those are my nails for the month, I did twice as many colors this month as last month and I’m really happy with every shade that I tried this month, especially the polishes I tried from Polish Me Silly, I can see more of their polishes in my future. I am really happy and think I’m getting a little bit better with doing my nails, I’m really hoping to get back into a little bit of simple nail art again.

What are your favorite spring nail polishes?


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