2018 · Empties

March 2018 Empties

It is that time to talk about all of my used up products, some of the most fun posts are these I think. I just think it’s really satisfying to use up a product and to read about a product someone used up because they really used it up and can say that they’ve formed a really proper opinion about a product when you use it up. So, I think it is safe to say that I have an opinion about all of these products, let’s jump in to talking about the products I’ve used up.


Bath & Bodyworks Afternoon Apple Picking Foaming Hand Soap – The foaming handsoaps are my jam and I really liked this scent, it was very much an apple scent and it was a really fresh scent. Repurchase: I probably would.

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm – This was such a little sample but it lasted for a while, I was sad to see this go. This primer was really amazing, it made my skin look perfected and it really made my skin look glowy, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever used as a primer. Repurchase: I completely would.

Lush Slammer Shower Gel – This isn’t my favorite Lush shower gel that I’ve ever used but I do like it a lot, it’s citrusy and has a little bit of a salty boozy smell to it, if that makes sense. This particular batch was really watery and I was really disappointed in it. Repurchase: Probably.

Zoya Armor Topcoat – Technically I haven’t completely finished this one but it’s to the point where it was nearly impossible to use, so this one is going on it’s way. I love this stuff it is my favorite top coat and it’s a really fantastic one. Repurchase: Already have.

Not Your Mothers Matcha Green Tea and Wild Apple Blossom Masque – This was the hair mask that I’ve been using and I have really been loving it until the last drop. This smells really great and is very moisturizing. Repurchase: Probably.

OGX Frosted Sugar Cookie Conditioner -This is the conditioner that I have been very much into as of recently and I still really like this, it’s one of the best hair conditioners that I’ve used but I have been using another conditioner. Repurchase: Yes, I would.

Lush Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream – This smells amazing, just like cola and I really love that, so much that I have a couple larger bottles of this. The only down side to this product is that it is very thick which makes it hard to get out of the container sometimes. Repurchase: Yes.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in Classic Ivory – This was my jam for a few months and I still really like this foundation, it’s not the best one that I’ve ever used but it is still a really great one. This has good coverage, doesn’t feel like much of anything on the skin and leaves my skin matte. Repurchase: Totally.

And those are all of my empties for the month, not quite as many as last months post but still pretty good. A fair amount really, but not where I wanted to be in terms of using products up. Oh well, I guess here’s to trying to use up more products this month.


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