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March 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

Time for some random lifestyle favorites, a post that I enjoy doing but really need to get better at. What I mean by that is I probably need to keep an actual list of things that could be favorites so I am better prepared when I sit down to write these, because so far I just sit down and hope for the best when it comes to remembering things that I’ve really been loving. Also, if you want to check out last months post you can click here. But anyway, let’s get into talking about this month.

I want to start out by saying that I have very much been into my kindle app this month, I think I always like using my kindle app on my phone but I feel like I have been using it a lot more than usual. It may be because work has been so slow, but for whatever reason, I have been loving it a little bit more than usual.

Can I say tennis? I know I’ve probably talked too much about this but I’m really excited about it, we’ve only played a handful of times so far and I’m really not good at it but I am super excited about it and really excited for warmer and drier weather, which means more tennis.

Does my new phone count? I think it does. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S9 and I am jazzed about it, it has a fantastic camera as well which I am of course excited about.

My love of the Tropical Green Tea at Wendy’s is still going strong, in case anyone was curious. Also, buffalo sauce from Chick-fil-a is a little bit of an obsession right now.

This is my playlist for the month, as usual, it’s pretty random and if you want to listen to it you can check out a google playlist here.

And those are my random favorites for the month of March, nothing too exciting this month but still a few favorites and a really great playlist, if you ask me.

What have you been loving in March?


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