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Review: The Balm Girls’ Getaway Trio

august 2018

Yes, I have another blush palette review for you guys today, I probably should have thought a little bit more about the closeness of the two but it is too late now as I am already writing this review. Who doesn’t love blush reviews, right?

20171203_055743.jpgI will be reviewing the Girls’ Getaway Trio from the brand The Balm, this trio will run you $24.00. This comes with three different blushes, as you probably assumed by the fact that it is called a trio. These are three blushes that The Balm sell separately, so of course, these are smaller but as a whole they do weigh more at a total weight of 0.225oz. So a pretty generous amount I think.

I just want to talk about the packaging for a minute, I think that it’s really cute and it very much screams The Balm, granted I’ve not purchased anything from The Balm that doesn’t look like it’s from The Balm. They have a very distinct look to their packaging and I personally think it’s really cute, I like the vintage look to it and just think it’s adorable.

I also like the size of the packaging, it’s pretty typical in terms of the feel, it’s cardboard packaging but it doesn’t feel particularly cheap. I really like that this is pretty small, it does have a little bit too much packaging but for the most part it is really slim and easy to use I think.


Now let’s get into the formula of these blushes, I very much like the way these apply and feel. These feel soft like all of the other product from The Balm that I’ve tried. When swatched these don’t look that pigmented but they aren’t up front, they are very soft and give a light wash of color but I find that you can build these up fairly easily if you’re looking for more color payoff.

The comes with three different shades, the first is In Balm Springs which is a really light peachy pink kind of shade that is very summery and pretty.

The middle shade is Balm Beach, which is a little bit more of a darker shade that leans more red-pink than orangey pink.  This one seems a little bit more appropriate for those fall and spring months.

The last shade in this one is Balm Desert and I think this one is very pretty, this one is the darkest of the three. This one is almost like a bronzing blush if you ask me, I like it and think that is’ great for those dark and dreary winter months.

I think that this blush palette is pretty fantastic and while I think some of the shades would be better suited for some months, I think this trio can be worn anytime really, granted that’s my feeling about most colors. Overall, I really enjoy this palette and think that it is a good one and I am happy to have gotten my hands on it.


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